Hi, I'm Ernst,

Ernst, DJ7HS in his Shack

and my callsign is DJ7HS. You can call me Ernst, Ernest, Ernie, Ernesto, just as you like. I got my license already back in 1961, and as you can see from the 'D' in my callsign, I live in Germany. On the left you can have a look into my shack, which shows some older rigs like my much valued Collins KWM-2.

I like to restore and to work with older equipment, especially with those still using tubes (or valves, if you like). This is certainly due to the fact that I'm an electronics engineer. But equally important for me is Morse Code, which I teach at my local Radio Amateur Club.

QSL card of DJ7HS

Besides sitting in front of a short-wave radio and pounding brass, I like to write PC software to support teaching and learning the code. If you are interested in PC software for COHERENT CW or for CW TRAINING, then please have a look at my software downloads page.

On the right you find my QSL card, which clearly shows what I like: 'Real Radios Glow in the Dark'.

If you'd like to know more, you should either

Better yet: try both of them, you are invited!

Of course, you can always send me an EMail.


Location Details

Preferred Mode of Operation

Naturally, on short waves I use SSB (J3E), and FM (F3E) on VHF/UHF. But my preferred mode of operation is CW, or more correctly A1A using international Morse code (or continental code as it is called in the USA).

Our Equipment

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