NEWS - Latest update July 4, 2003

19 DEC 2001 Visit my Guest Book !
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18 MAR 2002 From April 1, 2002 no longer with Tele Quarz / Corning Frequency Control !
26 MAR 2002 Cross Reference List MIL-STD vs. IEC-Standards Cross Reference List
19 APR 2002 Literature about piezoelectric materials Piezo materials literature
11 JUN 2002 More informations about the products offered by product survey
22 JUN 2002 Crystal filters offered by crystal filters
10 SEP 2002 New reworked website New Website
FEB 2003 Publication in the Feb 2003 issue of "Funkamateur" about applications of LGS and GaPO4 in crystal oscillators for QRP :
"New Piezo Materials Allow Wide Pulling Range"
04.JUL 2003 Informations about new Piezoelectric material Langasite (LGS) article about Langasite

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