After 25 years (1988 - 2013) living in Eberswalde, nr Berlin, my xyl and I moved to Dresden, the capital of Saxony.
Since there is no chance for an antenna in the house we live in I have to fully reorganize my amateur radio activities.

My DOK now is S07.

QSL for all activities is sure via the bureau, and LOTW.

You will find further information on my private website.

1972 - 1976 DM3BGO in Berlin I got my first license with the call sign DM3BGO in 1972. In the next two years I made about 600 CW-QSOs on 80 mtrs with 20 watts input (10-RT).
Later on I worked with a hungarian tcvr Telrad 200 on 80 to 10 mtrs with 100 watts output in CW & SSB.
1977 - 1979 DM3WXL in Dresden Only some QSOs, but I worked Navassa I. W0RJU/KP1 in November 1978 and got the QSL.
1980 - 1983 Y25PL in Dresden I worked at Y51ZL, a clubstation of the Technical University Dresden with my call sign Y25PL/a on the HF-bands with 400 watts output. The antenna was a W3DZZ.
1983 - 1988 Y25QE in Muencheberg, nr Berlin I made several thousends CW-QSOs running a homebrew QRP-tcvr (4 watts output) on 80 to 20 mtrs and got the WAC/QRP.
1988 - 1992 Y25QE in Eberswalde I was not very active at all, but made some CW-QSOs with my QRP-tcvr.
In 1990 I bought a used TS-820 and started to work some CW/SSB-DX with a 40 mtrs long doublet antenna.
1992 - 1999 DL4BQE in Eberswalde In 1998 I finished a homebrew linear amplifier with 4 x GU-50 (russian tubes) and 400 watts output. And so DXing became a bit easier.
1999 - 2013 DL6JZ in Eberswalde This was my most active period. 320 current DXCCs are confirmed, the 8-Band-DXCC hangs on the wall.
My special interests now are DXCC, IOTA, RTTY-contesting and holiday activities from European countries.
2013 - DL6JZ in Dresden Now I am active again using the location of the clubstation DL0HTW. At the moment there is a Kelemen dipole for 20/15/10 mtrs bands fed by an IC-9100 and my good old ACOM1010. I can use this station in remote mode from home also, but in this case the tcvr barefoot only.

My other interest are VHF/UHF-QSOs from Saxonian mountains.

Last modified: 2015-04-29