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i saw qsl.net and thought, it's a great idea, also maybe for finding "lost" people..
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I. ham related data

my name is thomas osterried, dl9sau. my qth is JO62QN.

my ampr mail addresses are


new: dl9sau here at qsl.net

I.I activities

my favourite mode packet radio.

grown up in stuttgart, i was deep in touch with the wampes project.
wampes (wuertemberg amateur multi-protocol experimental software) is, based upon ka9q-net, a porwerful net-program for unix with much enhencements (invened active digipeating and autorouting, enhenced netrom, unix login, implements flexnet protocol, and various ipip/ipudp/axip/.. features). even today, i give much more on wampes than on the linux-ax25 project (simply because i think such a hacked protocol mut not hang around in the system kernel). furhtermore, the wampes-IP may be gated to the u*nix IP-stack.
wampes is more: it comes with a bbs, that intensively uses the u*nix news system, so you can read / post not only via the unix bbs program, but also with your favourite news reader.
and i think it's important to note, that the widely used convers system had it's origins in wampes!
dieter deyke <[email protected]> is the author of this package.

i think abt a download functionality from this site. we'll see.

I.II projects

mostly source code / patches
see http://x-berg.in-berlin.de/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/

II. computers

i live with computers as long as i could walk.
they have become an important point in my live, and i switched to study cumputer-sciences. at the university, i'm working on student-projects for making free software better known. (i.e. linux http://www.spline.inf.fu-berlin.de/).

II.I free software

the free software movement (http://www.fsf.org/) - aka known "open source" is the most important devellopement in our days.
if you compare it with ham-radio, try to imagine what happened, if the develloper of F3E (fm) would have had a copyright on it. then this would be non-free, and every fm-transmitter in the world would have to pay licence fees. incredible! thus, it's a social contract to propagate and use free software. today with linux (i prefer debian http://www.debian.org) or the various bsd derivates (FreeBSD, netbsd, openbsd), we at least have a free operating system. and hey - starOffice will become free either! this movement in mind, that commercial products became free, has started abt. 2 years ago, as netscape (aka morzilla) has become free.

free is not just free for price. it's a social freedom. nobody claims for you to use software, exchange good software, or take pieces of code to make your software better. you *have* the sources, and you can fix bugs - and you are independend from a company that has more interests on seeling programs with more and more ´features´ on the loss of stability.

III. internet


in-berlin e.V. is a non-profit organization. we think, it's a must that people have access to the net. that's enough for today.

vy 73,

    - thomas

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