Eritrea DX pedition News


The dates were from the 3rd of November and lasted until November 18th, 1998
We operated 3 stations, 24 hours a day, and at peak time were using 5 stations.
Due to the added $500 per operator cost, and the recent activity from Eritrea,
we had cut back to 9 operators.


We were on ALL bands from 160-6m.
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We were on SSB, CW, and RTTY.


          WD4NGB   Bruce   Group Leader
          EA8AFJ   Michel
          N5VL     Vance
          KO4RR    Joe
          I8NHJ    Max
          NF6S     Larry
          N9NS     Mike
          IV3FSG   Elvira
          DJ9ZB    Franz

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Nyala Hotel

This was the home of the E3 DX-pedition


Below are Financial Supporters of $100 or more

K3ESS, John
KD4AFW, John
XE1CI, Nellie
K1MZ, Mike
W8RU, Ron
W4DR, Bob
N5CQ, John
KA6C, Ken
JH1AJT, Zorro
W6AQ, Dave
W5BXX, David
W4WY, Burch

Computers House, Gorizia Italy
The K1WY DX Association
Hoosier Contesters

mailbox E-mail to WD4NGB

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