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VE7BQH Antenna Tables

Do you really understand the significance of Lionels new interactive VE7BQH Antenna Tables which now incorporates both rural and residential local noise temperatures, simulating local environments? This is truly a game changer, revealing those yagi antenna designs that really are low noise. You will soon learn that there is much more required in the design process than just enhancing F/B (Front to Back) or F/R (Front to Rear) power ratio in order to achieve the lowest temperature yagi. Instead, looking at overall sidelobe content, in particular the forward lobes, has a major impact on delivering a quiet EME antenna system for the higher bands (144MHz and upward)!

Download link

For the latest official VE7BQH Antenna Tables.gnumeric (Right click and Save Link As!)

Gnumeric Spreadsheet is an open-source spreadsheet program. It is available cross-platform, for Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems. The .gnumeric file format is compressed and allows storage of the VE7BQH Antenna Tables in a smaller file size than even .zip format!

Windows users can easily use Gnumeric Portable without even fully installing!


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