Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amteur Radio Club  SHACK-ZONE-LOGO


Trevors shack and radio arrangement

Looking good!

I got into radio due to my dad. He was not an Amateur but he did construct a number of radios and TV's in his

younger days.

 I remember his Viewmaster Console TV which we had up till 1961, I watched Andy

Pandy, the Woodentops and many other things on the set.

There were loads of valves in boxes and other bits and pieces, he did eventually bin most of the stuff but I got

the bug.


At the age of between 8 &10 I got a big Pilot radio with many shortwave bands and I

listened to many broadcast station from around the world and also amateurs using AM.

I was also given a Philips EE8 constructor kit and made the radio, organ and light detector etc.

My job when I left school was a TV engineer apprentice and subsequently a qualified TV engineer working

with a few companies over the years including Clydesdale & Sony UK.

Having a family and doing homers left the radio side out for a long time. Latterly when I had my own business

I got interested in vintage Radio & TV and re-discovered shortwave, not as busy as it was but still


After the passing of my late wife and remarrying, Judy hasbeen very supportive and when I decided to go for

the foundation early in 2021 she really encouraged me.

I passed the intermediate shortly after and in 2023  sat the exam for my Full Licence.

I really enjoy the hobby, I'm mostly on 2 meters and HF using FM & SSB but QRP (Low power) I am not

 on every day but using between 2 & 4 watts have now 18 countries in my log, have been heard in Oman and

Australia but unable to complete the QSO's.

It's a great hobby and doesn't have to be expensive as there is lots of used gear about, my 2 meter rig is

41 years old.


73's from Trevor MM0KKJ