Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amteur Radio Club  SHACK-ZONE-LOGO

MM7WAB Hairy Paul's hamshack

Main operating position in the shack with most equipment within reach for ease of operation.

the image above was the shack setup at the start of June 2022.

It changed  few days after this photo as I built a new bench to the left of my seating position

with larger area for working on equipment without getting in the way of operating. 

My shack setup changes over time as different equipment comes and goes.

 The specific gear I use in the main shack also changes depending on what I decide to

bring down out the attic shack to give it a run for a while.

With many old classic valve sets and early solid state receivers in my collection.

 I try to run the old gear as often as I can to make sure they still work and do any necessary

maintenance on them to keep them working well.   


I also have many bits of hombrew

test gear and handy gadgets that

are only used occasionally.

These are stored in boxes under the

benches and in the attic shack until

they are needed for developing and

testing projects or doing repairs on

equipment for others.