Honda 2012 Goldwing GL1800 HPNA

October 2020 was when I watched my ST1300AA move on to a new home. It was also the same time that I bought a 2012 GL1800 HPNA (Premium Audio/Comfort/Navi/ABS) with 32k on her clock.

Previous to the ST1300 I rode a CTX700. My older brother had a 2008 GL1800 of the same level and had nothing but great things to say about it. I gave him crap about the GL being an old mans bike. Well, I'm there now. I can appreciate that barko-louger on two wheels now!

This page will hopefully pick up where my ST1300 page left off. I'm a tinkerer who likes to make stuff "betterer"! There's main stream, buy it off the rack and slap in on, then there's my angle. I want to understand the what, why and how come of it all.

I'm a fan of purchasing OEM connectors to make small "break out" cables allows access to brake, run and turn signals without hacking up the factory harness. Putting everything back to stock is as a few connector clicks. is great source for OEM connectors and great service at good prices. Support small business!!

Passenger Cubby Door Repair
One itch that I had to scratch... The left side passenger cubby door hinge was broken. Honda wanted $180 for a plastic box.
USB Power in left dash pocket
It's an easy addition, almost too easy.
USB power ON the Dash
Routing a USB cable into the pocket just seemed cheesy. This was a simple and easy fix.
USB power in rear pocket door
The queen needed easy access to USB power for phone charging. Finding an good location was almost impossible... almost.
Trunk Illumination ! The Dark recesses of the trunk are no more!
RAM mount on the bars A small modification of the mounting hardware makes for a much better fit!
Adding a Brake Flasher After swapping out my bulbs for LEDs, I went with a break out harness and added two $5 LED flashers.
LED Headlights DONT think that cheap "H7" bulbs will just plug and play! Honda has a few surprises for you!.
LED Brake and Running Lights I used IBrightstar 7443 Red for running and brake, 7443 amber for the rear turn signals. Turn signals require a new relay!
Extra Rear Turn Signals With just two bulbs for turn signals, I thought I could improve on that.
Clear Front Turn Signal Switchbacks Clear lenses are inexpensive, swapping the incandescent bulbs out for switch backs just make sense. The cost is too low not too!
Linking Tail Lights together For $20, Show Chrome makes a cable "BB52812" that will link the lower and upper tail lights for extra safety.
Rear fender LED reflector Inexpensive addition to the rear lighting. Less than $10 ! Every little bit helps!
Aux Fuse Panel in trunk Making the electrical connections for extra farkles requires an organized approach. I installed a six bus fuse panel in the trunk.
Ham Radio Antenna It takes some time but, the OEM antenna bracket can be hacked into a VHF / UHF antenna mount suitable for a Diamond NR770HB
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