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This is a pic of my station. There are labels describing the components.
It is great for 20-6m as well as 2m and 70cm. My antenna only covers these bands
at this time. I hope to add a broader band antenna soon. I do a lot of 20m SSTV.
It works very well for 2m and 70cm for FM and C4FM (SystemFusion). I hope to soon
add a Fusion Node here. As I do not have a high elevation it will be local only.

For my HF 20-6m comms, an MFJ-1835H antenna works well. I have it at 25' at the crosswires.
I'll be adding a homebrew OCFD (Off Center-Fed Dipole). It covers 80-6m but has more noise than the cobweb.
I have used this in the past and made many contacts world wide. It is also at 25' and folded on the rooftop.
I have also used this same antenna for field day operations very successfully. Look for my SSTV on 40m soon.