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This picture above is my listening post all you need to Enjoy SWL
Notice the Android Tablet that gets the stations that have left the air
Along with the Traditional SWL receivers you have it all

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What is Shortwave Listening
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Shortwave Broadcasters

ATC Monitor

Flight Radio


Miami ATC (USA)

Helpful Radio Information

Acars Home

Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) Frequency Register

Australian Radio Monitoring Forum

ACMA Official Australian Broadcasting Station Listing

BCL Home (Hobby website from P.R.of China)

BCL News


Does Shortwave Radio have a future?

Don't short change your Shortwave - The Daily Texan

DRM Broadcasting (USA) 26 Mhz

DX Asia Info


DXing Info

DXing in Japan

DX Propagation

Ears to Our World (Charity that donates SW Radios)
Empire of Noise (Documentary in English Language with Lithuanian subtitles about Radio Jamming)

Fingers still on the Shortwave Dial in Japan

Five Below - Blog for owners of Perseus Software Defined Radio

Glenn Hauser's World of Radio

Globe Wireless

HF Fax Information

Historical Radio Society of Australia (S.A. Group)

Interval Signals Archive

IPS Australia (Propagation Information)

Italian Radio Archives (LF, MF, HF DRM etc)

Marine Radio Weather Services (Australia)

Marine Traffic (World Wide AIS-Greece)

On the Shortwaves (Current and Shortwave History)

Pentacomstat (Australia)

Plugged In - Shortwave radio still packs an audible thrill! - The Guardian

QSL Archive (Dokumentationsarchiv Funk)

Radio Berlin International (GDR/DDR Shortwave Broadcast Station)

Radiodxer: On-line forum for UK SWLs and Hams

Radiointelligencer (DX Information)

Radio-Portal (Search Engine)

Radio Waves below 22 Khz (VLF)

Shortwave Central Blog Spot (SW Info & News)

Shortwave is actually experiencing a resurgence!

Shortwave Radio is retaining its longtime magic!!

Shortwave Listeners Delight (Australia)

Shortwave Monitor

Shortwave (UK) (On-line Listeners Logs)

Space Weather

SWS- Radio and Space Services (Australia)

The Radio Resource

Transmitter Documentation Project

VE3HLS Radio Frequency Interference Info (Lots of Sound Samples)

Utility DXer's Forum

Utility DXing: A Primer (25 Megabyte pdf)
Radio Stations of Interest


Channel Africa

AMERICA (North and South)

Adventist World Radio

Global 24 (New 24 Hour Shortwave Commercial Broadcaster)

Radio Canada International

Radio Habana Cuba

Radio Habana Cuba (English Language Service)

Voice of America (News Now)

Voice of America

World Harvest Radio



All India Radio

China Radio International

NHK World (Radio Japan)

Radio Korea International

Radio Pakistan External Services

Radio Taiwan International

Voice of Korea (DPRK)


Adelaide Commercial Radio Station "Cruise 1323 AM"

Adelaide Commercial Radio Station "1395 5AA"

ABC News Radio

ABC Radio National

HCJB Global Australia

Radio Australia

Radio New Zealand International


Radio Austria International

BBC World Service

Radio Bulgaria

Radio Deutsche Welle

Radio Prague

Radio Netherlands

Radio Romania International

Voice of Russia


Iran IRIB English World Service

Radio Kuwait (Frequency Information)

Radio Kuwait (Real Audio Site)

Radio Related Publications

Klingenfuss Publications

McFarland Publishing (Canada)

Monitoring Matters (On-line only magazine)

Radio Shack Catalogues (On-line Archive (USA))

RadioUser Magazine (United Kingdom)

Spectrum Monitor (On-line only magazine) (USA)

World Radio TV Handbook (WRTVH)

Radio Station Organisations

Digital Radio Mondiale


Shortwave Radio Station Schedules

DRM Shortwave Broadcast

EIBI Shortwave Broadcast Schedules

HFCC Official Schedules

HF Schedules

International Listener

ILG: International Listening Guide access site

Prime Time Shortwave

Shortwave Broadcasters List from Google

Shortwave Language and Frequency Schedules

Shortwave Listening Guide

Shortwave Listeners Database (On-line look-up)

Shortwave Radio Info
What's on Shortwave Now?
Remote Controlled Receivers

Control or listen to a receiver via the Internet with these sites. Please keep in mind that these sites may be down at any time due to their local weather conditions. (Thunderstorms etc.) Also be aware that due to differences in time and day; some frequencies that should be active are not!
A broadband connection is required.

Drake R8 (Virginia, USA)

Icom R75 or Ten-Tec Rx-320 (New York City, USA)

On-Line Icom R-75 Shortwave Receiver via EI7DAR (Ireland)
On-Line Yaesu FRG-100/DRM Wellington, New Zealand
On-Line Software Defined Receiver (Mainly Amateur Radio & Requires Java)


NASA VLF on-line Receiver

Web SDR On Line Radio Receivers (Mainly Amateur Radio & requires Java)
Web SDR On Line Radio Receiver VK2MB (Sydney, Australia)
Shortwave Listening/DX Clubs

Australian Radio DX Club (Australia)

Bcl China (Peoples Republic of China)

British DX Club (UK)

DX Antwerp (Belgium)

North American Shortwave Association (USA)

NZDXRL (New Zealand)

Ontario DX Association (Canada)

Universal DX League (India)

World-Wide DX Club (World-Wide)

Shortwave Listening/DX Programmes

Communications World Transcripts (Voice of America) (Now Ceased Production)

DXers Unlimited (Radio Habana Cuba)

Standard Frequency and Time Signal Radio Stations
At The Tone: A CD plus booklet celebrating HF TIME Signal Stations

BPM (China)

CHU (Canada)

HF Time Signal Radio Broadcasts List

Time Info (Australia and New Zealand)


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My Hamshack SWL And Police Scanner also
My Ham Radio And VOIP Radio Site
Radio Reference USA Frequency Scanner Data Base
Monitoringtimes The world of radio all in one place
My SWL Radio YouTube Video  in  Detlelles
My CB Radio Site LTD lots of info

Shortwave Broadcasters

Pirate Broadcasters





LF and Below

Equipment and Services

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My lightning, tornado and storm video is available through Storm Stock

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    free radio
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    USA Monitor Radio
    USA The Voice of America
    USA World Wide Christian radio WWCR
    Vatican Welcome to Vatican Radio

    "What is Shortwave Listening"
    Shortwave listening is known to be a hobby. Shortwave is "better" than normal AM or FM radios because the frequency is higher therefore it can go a longer range-even around the world. SWL (Shortwave Listening) can eavesdrop on signals the general public normally doesn't recieve. A shortwave listener can catch various channels from all over the world such as Japan, Moscow, Korea, France, Singapore, and more. SWL offers music, news, and various information one would want to know. In a shortwave, any listener can tune in to any station in the world and even listen in on messeges send by airplane pilots and astronauts. In a normal Shortwave Reciever, frequencies range from 1600 kHz to 30000 kHz. SWL offers many things worth exploring. The pictures above are shortwave radios one is a portable shortwave and the other is a full size SW radio.

    This IS a great hobby! I have been into it for 25 years (off and on)! A great technical pursuit as well as cultural. Learning programming of other countries gives you an appreciation of what is important to them. I have travelled to 65 countries since 1990 with my employer, Merck, and this gives me special understanding of what I hear (when I can understand) the language.

    I picked up a used JRC NRD-525 from the now-defunct Gilfer Associates, at the 1996 SWL Fest. In addition, I grabbed  A Dressler ARA60 active antenna. Since then I've added a trusty long wire. I will try to keep a set of links to some great shortwave radio related stuff below:

    How Do You Use the SINPO Code?
    When you are making out a reception report to the shortwave radio station you are listening to on your radio, one of the important items of information is the reception quality of the signal. To assist in providing this information, the SINPO code has been developed.

    This is what the SINPO Code means:

    S is for Strength
    I is for Interference from other radio stations
    N is for Noise, such as local electrical noise from motors, etc.
    P is for Propagation (sometimes referred to as fading)
    O is for Overall quality.
    Each of these values is expressed with a number, ranging in value from 1 through 5.

    For example, if you are listening to a very strong and steady signal from a shortwave station and this signal is just like a local AM station with no interference and no sign of fading, then the signal would be described with the highest values, as SINPO 55555. A very strong signal, with slight interference and occasional fading would be described as SINPO 54544.

    At the other extreme, if you are listening to a low-powered distant shortwave station with severe interference, and the signal is so bad you can hardly hear any of the programming from the station, it might be described as SINPO 21331.

    In giving a SINPO rating in your reception report, you should endeavor to be as accurate and as factual as possible, without artificially enhancing the values at all. The station likes to know the actual reception quality of its signal in your area.

    Attached below is a complete tabulation of the SINPO Code. As you look at it, you can see the various values as they are listed. The more you use the SINPO Code in your reception reports, the more familiar it will become to you.

    And again, if you would like to, why not send a reception report to AWR, using the SINPO Code, on one of our many shortwave stations? We would love to hear from you and we will respond with an attractive new QSL card. In fact, many shortwave listeners tell us the very first QSL card they ever received was from one of the stations in the international shortwave network of Adventist World Radio.


    S Strength I Interference N Noise P Propagation O Overall Quality
    5 Excellent 5 None 5 None 5 Perfect  5 Excellent
    4 Very good 4 Slight 4 Slight 4 Very good 4 Very good
    3 Fair 3 Moderate 3 Moderate 3 Moderate 3 Fair
    2 Low 2 Severe 2 Severe 2 Poor 2 Poor
    1 Barely audible 1 Extreme 1 Extreme 1 Extreme 1 Barely audible

                                    adio Free World Web Radio Guide
                                             Online stations from all over the world

    Home - Go to the Radio Free World home page

    Featured sites: - "The world's classical radio station" - Full screen New!
    Cajun Radio - A comprehensive guide to Cajun & Zydeco radio shows - Full screen
    Live Ireland - Music and events live from Ireland - Full screen
    Media Glider - Choose online radio and TV programs by country or category
    On The Air - Eclectic music and comedy from Radio Free World - Award-winning comedy and music site - Full screen New!
    Relax Radio -  Refreshing, soothing music 24 hours/day
    WUMB - Folk music radio from Boston, MA. - Full screen New!

    Popular links:
    AfricMusic - Many channels of African music - Full screen
    Africa Wire - Your window to African news on the Internet - Full screen
    AIROS - Native American Public Telecommunications - Full screen
    alldanzradio - Music for every kind of dancing - Full screen 
    All India Internet Radio - 24-hour Internet news from India - Full screen
    Amazon City Radio - Music and spoken word by women - Full screen
    ANA Radio Live -  Internet radio from Saudi Arabia - Full screen
    AnimationWave Radio - News, talk with active animators & more - Full screen 
    A Prairie Home Companion - Live on the Internet - Full screen New!
    Arrow Classic Rock - 24-hour classic rock from the Netherlands - Full screen
    Audio Books on the Web - Have books read to you as you browse New!

    Basement Internet Show - Entertain yourself regularly - Full screen
    Basic Internet Radio - Electrohumantransmissions - Full screen
    Bluegrass Radio Network - Yee Haw! - Full screen
    BNet Radio - Webcast station for the broadcast industry - Full screen New!
    BRS Web Radio - Listing all types of Internet radio stations - Full screen
    BURBS - British Underground Rock Bands site - Full screen New!

    Catalunya Radio - Internet broadcasting of Spanish radio - Full screen
    China Radio International / Short-wave - News and music of China - Full screen
    Comedy on the Web - Links to funny stuff from all over the place New!
    Comedy World - Live video and audio comedy 24/7 - Full screen New!
    Corporation for Public Broadcasting - Home page - Full screen
    Crossover - Cool jazz and rhythm & blues from Manila - Full screen
    CSCR - University of Toronto Radio playing many styles - Full screen New!
    Cyberradio2000 - Many different grooves, live and on demand - Full screen
    cyberLOVE - Uncensored Internet talk show - Full screen

    Dabada - Radio, Web cams, and more en Espanol - Full screen
    Daer - Fun shows and personalities daily - Full screen New!
    dasWebradio - Germany's largest: hip, trendy, 24 hours/day - Full screen
    Debt Counselors of America Radio Show - Get out of debt now! - Full screen
    Drip Radio - Some far out stuff from Colorado! - Full screen
    Dublab - Contemporary station combining audio and video - Full screen

    Elk Mule 86FM - 24/7 broadcasting from Alberta, Canada - Full screen New!
    ENORMO - An interesting audio show about astronomy - Full screen
    Escati Magic Radio - Broadcasting 24 hours/day from Thailand - Full screen - Live Webcasts from Coast to Coast - Full screen - 1350 stations and over 50 genres - Full screen
    Forever Now - Original electro-acoustic pop music site - Full screen
    Free Radio Stations - Pirate radio stuff - Full screen
    Free Speech Information - Learn about censorship on the Web - Full screen
    Free Speech Broadcasting - Low power broadcasting information - Full screen - Do it yourself talk radio - Full screen
    Glenn Hauser's World of Radio - Weekly radio show - Full screen
    GoGaGa - Freeform, eclectic Internet radio - Full screen
    Green Café - A wide variety of live shows in audio and video - Full screen

    Hit Mix UK - The place to look for unsigned bands - Full screen New!
    Hit Radio 804 - The hit station from the Netherlands - Full screen New! - Thinking music: folk, blues, jazz, native American, & more - Full screen
    Hong Kong Voice Of Democracy - Audio, video, and photos - Full screen
    House Of Blues - Always a show happening at HOB! - Full screen

    indusLive - Comprehensive South Asian music portal - Full screen New!
    Industrial Trance Show - Smooth out after work - Full screen
    Instant Radio - Current hits and classic oldies - Full screen
    Internet Radio Hawaii - Entertaining shows from the Islands - Full screen
    Internet Underground Music Archive - Life in the underground - Full screen
    Invisible Radio - Hear a fresh mix of new bands - Full screen
    Ipanema FM - Rock, samba, jazz and more from Brazil - Full screen
    iVillage - Contemporary Internet music site featuring several genres - Full screen

    Jester Radio - Alternative Internet radio station - Full screen

    KBLA 1580 Los Angeles - Korean language radio - Full screen
    Keys Radio - Radio guide for Florida Keys and South Miami - Full screen
    Kids Internet Radio - Children's music, stories, and art - Full screenNew!
    KLON - Excellent jazz station from Long Beach, California - Full screen
    KKNX Radio 84 - Solid gold oldies from Eugene, Oregon - Full screen New!
    KTRU - Student run station from Rice University in Texas - Full screen New!
    KVSC - Broadcasting from Saint Cloud University - Full screen New!
    KWXX - Hawaiian music online using Java player - Full screen
    KZRO 100.1 FM - 60's and 70's music from Mt. Shasta, California - Full screen

    Larry King Live - The king of talk radio himself - Full screen
    Limerick's New 95FM - Radio From South West of Ireland - Full screen
    Live 365 - Large broadcasting site featuring all genres - Full screenNew!
    Live broadcasts on the Web - Live event schedules and links - Full screen
    Live Ireland - Music and events live from Ireland - Full screen
    Live On The Net - Radio, movies, TV, and Webcams - Full screen
    Live Voice Chat/Virtual CB Radio - Talk to others in real time! Now!
    Louisiana Radio - Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, and swamp rock - Full screen

    MTV Online - Full screen rockin online - Full screen
    Metro Broadcast Hong Kong - Radio from Hong Kong - Full screen
    Mike's Radio World - Vast links to Internet radio sites - Full screen
    Moonman's Favorite Sites - Link up with the Moonman! Full screen New!
    MTV Online - Full screen rockin online - Full screen
    Musician's Cafe - Audio and video samples of bands - Full screen New!
    Music Ramble - Rika Shinohara's music mix from Tokyo - Full screen - Create your own live shows and hear others - Full screen 

    NASA Mike's - Where we go for information about Antarctica - Full screen
    National Radio News - Major Australian news site - Full screen
    Navrang - Internet radio playing South Asian music - Full screen
    Nerve Radio - Music for the mind and body - Full screen
    Net FM - Australia's first Internet radio station - Full screen
    net MEDIA - Internet broadcast links - Full screen
    Netmix Power Hour - One hour show of dance and trance - Full screen - Choose from 120 channels of music - Full screen
    Net Talk Live - Home of the first triple cast - Full screen
    Nigerian and African Music - Can't help but dance to this music! - Full screen

    Online News Hour - From PBS studios, news highlights - Full screen - Multi-cast radio station streaming high speed MP3 - Full screen New!
    Open Directory Project Internet Radio Sites - Tons of great links! - Full screen
    Originator Radio - Dedicated to the music of Bo Diddley - Full screen New! - Source of music by independent artists - Full screen New!PhilRadio International - Philippines music radio - Full screen
    Planet Proctor Archive - Humor from Firesign's Phil Proctor - Full screen
    Pleasure Dome Radio - Global music experience - Full screen
    Port Of Paradise - Shows of traditional Hawaiian music - Full screen
    PowerNet Internet Radio - Today's best mix - Full screen

    Radio 21 - Radio directly from Pristina/Kosova - Full screen
    Radio 100 - Ether 99.3 FM from Amsterdam - Full screen
    Radio 4 All - Diverse Internet radio links - Full screen
    Radio Bridge Overseas - Listen to the voice of Africa - Full screen
    Radio Directory - Huge list of stations all around the world - Full screen
    Radio FG - Techno station and chat room in French - Full screen
    Radio France International - A wide variety of programs in French - Full screen
    Radio Free Anywhere - Focus on local music scenes - Full screen
    Radio Free Asia - Domestic news in many Asian languages - Full screen
    Radio Free Burma - Weekly Burmese-language radio program - Full screen
    Radio Free Cedar Rapids - Micro broadcasting - Full screen
    Radio Free Entertainment Resource - Perspectives - Full screen
    Radio Free Entropy - Adventures in digital low-fidelity - Full screen
    Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - Regional news for Europe - Full screen
    Radio Free Kansas - Alternative music from Wichita - Full screen
    Radio Free Maine - Check in with Chomsky - Full screen
    Radio Free Monterey - Virtual community for free speech rights - Full screen
    Radio Free New Orleans - Get a taste of New Orleans - Full screen
    Radio Free New York - Proves radio can be fun! - Full screen
    Radio Free Oz - Giggle with Firesign Theater's Peter Bergman - Full screen
    Radio Free Radio - 24-hour Internet radio on demand - Full screen
    Radio Free SLAM - Radio, video, links, and more - Full screen
    Radio Free Underground - Exploring music with technology - Full screen
    Radio Havana - Short wave broadcast of news from Cuba - Full screen
    Radio Kook - San Francisco-based Web comedy club and more! - Full screen
    Radio La Cheverisima.Com - Latin ,Salsa, Merengue - Full screen New!
    Radio Mandala - Folk, blues, rock, reggae - Full screenNew!
    Radio Mojo - Rock music for your cubicle - Full screen New!
    Radio Nepal - News and information - Full screen
    Radio Party FM - Fun music out of Madrid, Spain - Full screen New!
    Radio Roxy - Live pop radio from Belgium - Full screen New!
    Radio Stuff  - Roots music Internet radio - Full screen
    Radio UDG 104.3fm - Broadcasting from Guadalajara, Mexico - Full screen
    Radio Web World - A portal dedicated to all things radio - Full screen
    RealNetRadio - Features interviews with unsigned groups and artists - Full screen
    Recordcaster - Independent, Internet radio from Berlin - Full screen - Talk radio changing with the times - Full screen New!
    RFM - All time best French songs station - Full screen New!
    Richmond Underground Radio - New music programs - Full screen
    Rhythm Radio - Very colorful and soulful site - Full screen New!
    Rock 'n' Roots - Eclectic radio program of rediscovered music - Full screen New!
    Rockit FM - The Rock Home of Stockholm - Full screen
    Rockit Radio - Vintage music site focusing on 50's - Full screen - Internet radio and other fun stuff - Full screen

    Seeing Ear Theater - Combining old radio with new technology - Full screen New!
    Servizi Radiofonici - Real Audio shows and links from Switzerland - Full screen
    Shredding Radio - Streaming MP3 Webcast with new playlist daily - Full screen
    Skeptic Radio - Skeptical view of supernatural and paranormal - Full screen
    Solid Gold Radio 84 - Features music from the 50's and 60's - Full screen - It is now safe to turn UP your computer - Full screen New!
    Sound Print Media Center - Archiving is their business - Full screen
    Speed Racing Radio - Listen to the checkered flag! - Full screen
    SpinRadio - Featuring hot new acts from their label - Full screen New!
    Spud Mountain Red - Traditional music of North America - Full screen
    Stardog Radio - The best alternative music 24 hours/day - Full screen New!
    Subversive Dance Party - Featuring cutting edge programming - Full screen New!
    Super Stereo - The "Pirate Web" in Spanish language - Full screen - Jammin' music 24 hours/day - Full screen

    The Breeze - Cool music from Towson University in Maryland, USA - Full screen
    The Edge - Rocking New Zealand and the world! - Full screen
    The Lab - Contemporary Internet radio plus online gallery - Full screen New!
    The Media Pirate's Network - Pirate radio stuff - Full screen
    Thenisai - Online Tamil FM radio - Full screen New!
    The Pop Star Radio Show - Weekly program - Full screen
    The Russian Internet Network - TV, radio, and news - Full screen
    Trance - Music, books, and information about trance music - Full screen - Choose from a variety of programs 24 hours/day - Full screen New!
    TwangCast - "Real" country music broadcasts 24 hours/day - Full screen

    Uncontrolled Noize - Heavy metal super station - Full screen New!
    Underwire - Music from Trinidad - Full screen

    Virtual Reality Radio - Listen to virtual DJ's - Full screen - Home to lots of cool shows - Full screen New!
    Visual Radio - See what you are hearing - Full screen New!
    Voice Of Israel - News and information daily from Israel - Full screen

    Wake Radio - Student station from Winston-Salem, North Carolina - Full screen
    Web Air - Salford University Internet Radio from UK - Full screen New! - Multiple live streaming formats - Full screen
    Web Radio Puget Sound - Wide variety of programs and formats - Full screen
    West Coast Live - San Francisco's public radio talk show - Full screen
    WICN - New Englands Jazz and Folk Station - Full screen New!
    Women In Music - Music composed and performed by women - Full screen
    Woofer Radio - Contemporary Indie radio with live DJ's - Full screen
    World Weather Guide - Find a forecast for virtually anywhere in the world
    Worldwide Broadcast Network - Streams from all over the map - Full screen New!
    WTGO - GoGo music 24 hours/day every day - Full screen - Over 200 music stations and 325,000 songs! - Full screen
    Wyoming Internet Student Radio - Fresh programming by students - Full screen
    WZUP Radio - Listen to mixes spun by host, Jamal - Full screen

    XFM - Dublin, Ireland - Rockin' Dublin and the world! - Full screen

    Yahoo Broadcast -  Wide variety of audio and video programs - Full screen

    Zanga Zanga - Electrifying Zimbabwean music - Full screen

     Don't miss this page,A huge amount of info

    General Radio-Related

    7N3WVM's Home Page for Homebrewers
    Antenna Length Calculation
    Arizona Radiowaves - The Online Guide For Radio Hobbyists
    NW Oregon Radio Information Page Modifications
    Bill McFadden's Home Page
    FCC - Wireless Databases & Frequency Search
    Find Sun and Moon Rise and Set Times - your aircraft scanning and air traffic control web site
    GA3DHG's CB, Packetradio, Hamcomm and Shortwave related website.
    Greenwich 2000- 'The centre of time ' GMT - What is Greenwich Mean Time-
    International Radio Report
    K4LYP's hobby page
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    Radio Electronics Pages
    Radio Portal Home - HUGE SEARCH SITE!
    Radio Project and Modification Links
    Realistic Scanner and Shortwave Mods.
    RKDX's Home Page
    Shortwave-HAM-CB-Scanner-Software Auction Site
    Strong Signals - Radio Monitoring At Its Finest
    The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet
    The official U.S. time - WWW.TIME.GOV
    Tom's Radio Collection TRS Consultants Media, Broadcast, Radio, Shortwave and more...
    Tutorials on Radio Propagation - from NOAA
    United States Early Radio History
    Vacuum Tube Source 1 for Older Receivers
    Vacuum Tube Source 2 for Older Receivers
    vank6 - Ham Antennas and general SWL topics
    WA4KC Y Home Page
    Wakko's Radio Page
    WebOvision's USA Radio Links
    WebOvision's World Radio Links
    Welcome to the N1XTV Shack!
    Wisconsin Radio Pages - The #1 site for modification for hamradios

    Amateur - HAM

    Amateur Electronic Supply--The World's Largest Ham Radio Dealer!
    Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide
    Amateur Radio Resources
    ARW Amateur Radio Wise (R)
    Bry's Ham Files Page
    Ham Radio Information (manuals and schematics) - Ham and Shortwave - Amateur Radio World-Wide (Good site for SWL'ers too)
    K0XQ Amateur-Shortwave Radio Links
    KB9JJA Ham Radio On The Internet
    MASSIVE page of Amateur Radio Links!
    No-Code International
    QRZ.COM Ham Radio Callsign Server


    C. Crane Company  - Communication Excitement
    Durham Radio Sales and Service Inc.
    E-Dweeb - Sell and buy radio-related items here
    Grove Home Page
    HRO - Ham Radio Outlet - HRO
    Lee Electronics - Shortwave, Scanners, Etc.
    Battery City - Batteries on the cheap
    R.L. Drake Company Home Page
    Radio Depot
    Radio H.F. (Canada)-- Radio equipment, batteries & more's Home Page
    Radios4You - Store plus Buy-Sell-Trade and Links
    RadioStore Plus (fascinating site)
    Ross Distributing Co. - Shortwave-HAM Equipment - Idaho
    SKYTRONICS - Make RX-320 Receiver a portable
    Terk Technologies The World Leader in High Tech Antennas
    Valco Electronics - Sangean & Coby Short Wave Radios
    Vectronics, Inc. -- The Finest Amateur Radio Products Made!
    Viking SW - Kits and DX Info
    Welcome to Grove Enterprises
    Welcome to Scanners Unlimited


    A simple active antenna -- on Nordic Shortwave Center
    AFRTS on Radio
    American Shortwave Listener's Club- American Shortwave Listener's Club
    Antenna building page
    Canadian International DX Club
    Chuck's Shortwave Links
    Daryl's ShortWave Connection
    Dave's Radio Receiver Page
    Deutsche Welle
    DX Summit
    DX' Newsroom
    eGroups SWpirates
    English shortwave broadcasts to North America
    Glenn Hauser's Shortwave-DX Report
    Grundig Radio Boy - welcome to the web site
    Grundig Satellit Homepage
    H.Lute's Pirate Radio Information Page -- probably the best DX site in the world
    Herman's DX Homepage
    He's Back! Arnie Coro's DXers Unlimited...
    InfoRadio - Netherlands (Main Page)
    Jill's SW-LW DX Radio Page
    Listings of Surface Observations
    Low Noise Antenna Connection
    Modern Shortwave Receiver Survey - Table of Contents
    N1CQR Shortwave Radio PAGE
    New Zealand Radio DX League
    NIST Radio Stations WWV and WWVH
    Nordic Shortwave Center - Antennas
    Online Receivers
    Ontario DX Association
    Open Directory - Arts Radio Shortwave Equipment Receivers
    Prime Time Shortwave - DX Media Programs
    R-390A Military Receiver Tech Manual
    Radio Canada International (ra)
    Radio Canada International
    Radio Japan QSL Card Pictures
    Radio Netherlands Media Network Antenna Advice
    Radio Netherlands Media Network The Advice Centre
    Radio Netherlands Receiver Shopping List Ed. 18.12
    Radio Netherlands Receiver Shopping List Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium
    Radio Shack Radios
    Radio Singapore International
    RX-320 Handheld Controller
    Sangean ATS-909 Message Board
    Short Wave Espionage
    Shortwave Active Antenna Kit
    Shortwave Broadcast Frequencies
    Shortwave Broadcasters' English Schedules
    Shortwave Bulletin Home page
    Shortwave for Beginners and Grundig Satellit 700 Owners The Shortwave Radio Page
    Shortwave Interval Signal Page
    Shortwave Radio
    Slinky Toys (Buy one for the 'slinky antenna')
    Some interesting Sony shortwave radios
    Sonnet Radio Short Wave
    Sounds of Shortwave
    South Pacific DX Resource Index
    SPEEDX Shortwave & DXing Home page
    Spy Centre Spy Numbers Stations
    StormBringers JavaRadio Page
    Strong Signals - Shortwave Message Board
    SW guide & info
    SWL Shortwave Radio Listeners QSL Card Museum
    The CONET Project- Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations On-line!
    The Mark Veldhuis Shortwave Plaza
    The NIST Time and Frequency Division Home Page
    The Slinky Antenna
    The Sony 7600 series page
    Timfy's Shortwave Page Shortwave Programs Discussion Forum
    Tropical Band SW Stations (list) - ITU Broadcast Bands
    US Shortwave Frequencies Band Guide
    Voice of America
    Welcome to Irkutsk DX Circle!
    Welcome to
    Welcome to the PA4845 SWL Page
    WGTG International Shortwave Broadcaster from Georgia, USA
    World Radio Network Online
    Worldwide Utility News - Utility Information Files
    Worldwide Utility News
    WWW Shortwave Listening Guide
    WWW.SWL.NET Master Index (MANY links!!)
    Yachtboy's shortwave links
    Yahoo! Clubs cidxclub
    You've just landed on The Shortwave Planet


    ALF Enterprises - Night Vision Scopes, Alternative Energy, LED Lighting, 2 Way Radios, Scanners
    Bearcat Scanner Frequencies & Codes
    David Schoenberger - Scanning Resources
    Firestik Library
    Jim's Scanner Page
    Ken's Scanner Related Links
    Live Air Traffic Control
    Live police, fire and airport scanner broadcasts
    Long Island Scanning Resources
    Mobile Scanner & RADAR Detector Laws In The U.S.
    National Communications Fast Food Frequencies
    REBEL RADIO (cool site)
    Scanner Way - Excellent Scanner Site
    Scanning and Frequency Information
    Strong Signals - Frequently Asked Frequencies (FAF)
    Strong Signals - New Scanner Users FAQ
    Tampa Bay Scanner Chat Page
    The Totally Awesome Scanner Page !
    Trunked Radio Systems User's Page
    Trunking Scanner Information and Databases
    U.S. Scanner Online Home Page
    Uniden Scanner FAQ's
    Various Scanner FAQs
    Welcome to Puget Sound Scanning
    WWW.SCANNERPAGE.COM - International Scanner Link Site


    AM DX-er's WebRing -- List of Sites
    AM Query -- Retrieve Technical Information for AM Broadcast Stations -- ASD (FCC) USA
    AM Radio Station Database Search
    AM Radio Station Query
    AMQ AM Radio Database Query Program (FCC) -- USA
    FCC AM Database Search
    GE Superadio FAQ Appendix A- Repairs and Modifications
    Mizar's MW DX Page
    The AM STEREO Page
    The Expanded Band Pages
    The GE SuperRadio FAQ Hypertext Version
    U.S. AM Radio Stations on the Internet


    -+- Homepage -+- Willkommen
    AR5 and SR5 DSP Software
    FineWare WWW Page
    DSP based Audio Signal Processor GNASP1
    DX4WIN logging software
    DXtreme Software - Logging Software for Shortwave and Amateur Radio DXers
    Free Radio Computer Programs
    FTV - WEFAX, FAX, SSTV, RTTY and CW software for SoundBlaster cards
    Hamcomm - Unofficial Site (RTTY Decoder Software)
    HF-FAX Home
    ILGRadio - Order your FREE Password for ILGRadio on this page !
    ILGRadio - The Download Page of the FREE Databases
    ILGRadio IBWD - International Broadcasting Web Directory
    RadioRaft - MultiMode Radio Data Decoder Software
    RadioRaft - Multi-mode Radio Data Decoder Software
    Radioware & Radio Bookstore Radio Hobbyist Catalog
    RTTY - CW - Digital Decoder Software
    ScannerBase Software Home (Free Scanner Database Software)
    Silicon Pixels - Computer DSP Software, Etc.
    The Swezey Digital Filter Program!
    Werner Funkenhauser's WHAMLOG-AM DX Page
    WHAMLOG Page 2 WHAMLOG files download page

    Windows HAM Radio software

    Sparky's Old Time Shortwave Shack on line since 4/97

    Shortwave Radios & Scanners, and RealAudio TV Web-Casts

    Wrth World Radio TV Handbook 1999 : The Directory of International Broadcasting (Annual) David G. Bobbett (Editor)

    Passport to World Band Radio 1999 (Serial) Lawrence Magne (Editor), Gahan Wilson (Illustrator), Tony Jones (Editor)

    Shortwave Listening Guidebook : The Complete Guide to Hearing the World Harry L. Helms

    Antique Radio Restoration Guide David Johnson

    Passport to Web Radio David Walcutt (Editor), Gahan Wilson (Illustrator), Tony Jones

    Collector's Guide to Antique Radios : Identification & Values (4th Ed) Marty Bunis, Sue Bunis (Contributor)

    Internet World Guide to Webcasting Peggy Miles

    Webcasting : How to Broadcast to Your Customers over the Net Jessica Keyes

    Guide to Old Radios : Pointers, Pictures, and Prices David Johnson, Betty S. Johnson (Contributor)

    The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide Robert E. Grinder

    Radios : The Golden Age Philip Collins, Robert Patterson (Photographer)

    Shortwave Receivers Past & Present : Communications Receivers 1942-1997 Fred Osterman (Editor)

    Radios by Hallicrafters : With Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors) Chuck Dachis

    Collector's Guide to Transistor Radios : Identification and Values Marty Bunis, Sue Bunis (Contributor)

    The Complete Shortwave Listener's Handbook Andrew R. Yoder

    Radio Monitoring : The How to Guide T. J. Skip Arey

    Short Wave Listening Guide Ian Poole

    Inside Your Shortwave Radio Ted Benson

    World Radio TV Handbook 1998 (Annual) Andrew G. Sennitt (Editor)





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