It's that time of year, again. The autumn season is a busy time of year because it is time to "Trim the Hedge". The hedge is an important part of neighborhood life, and it reflects the unity of the family, within. The hedge is a story book which reveals many details about the people who live on the inside of its clutches. An untrimmed hedge would cause the town folk to speculate that perhaps the family within is unstable and wild. I must keep up appearances and produce a cleanly trimmed tree line to show them that they are wrong-- I am fine, friendly, and stable folk!

The Fisher Price hedge trimmer which I purchased from K-Mart is a fine piece of equipment. It takes several days to trim all 200 plus feet of cedar hedge, and to do it correctly. Sometimes, while I am trimming away, I begin to daydream of lush, green forests, filled with beautiful song birds flying about in the crystal, clear, blue skies, above......ZAP! I am suddenly jerked back to reality by the tingling sensation of 120 Volts rushing through my torso, and the sight of sparks spraying the ground before me. Man! I cut another cord!