Our house has parasites! We don't have mice in the house, but they are running around the yard. I know there is a family or two of mice and shrew living in the crawl space below my bedroom. I was awaken one too many nights to just ignore them. So, I decided to fight back. It turns out that most of the rodents are shrew. These little varmints will no longer reside on my property without paying room and board. I am hunting the Sly Shrew. Above is a collection of the weapons I will be using.

Finally, the traps are set. My yard is a residental landmine field. Do not venture out into my yard during the dark hours; you will likely find the traps. I strategically placed 15 traps in key areas in the lawn. Recently I used the new "Sticky Boards" but found they were not as effective as the simple mouse trap. While checking my traps one evening, I noticed the bate had been consumed from the "Sticky Board" and the sticky surface had been torn away in 4 little areas. Somewhere, there is a fat shrew roaming my yard with snowshoes. The other morning, I noticed another "Sticky Board" which had originally been in the back yard was now in the front yard. It was all bent and mangled. There were patches of fur stuck to the surface. Obviously, a shrew had a battle with the board and rolled around the yard possibly for hours until it freed itself. Too bad I missed that show.

Finally! I got one!! So far I caught 3 of the little critters, since the hunt began. Fortunately, the next door neighbor has the corner on the shrew market-- he caught 19 in the last 3 weeks. The lucky shrew who manages to pass through the neighbor's yard, must now enter my massive maze of traps. My neighbor invited us over for Shrew Stew. Should we go???

It takes skill to properly set a trap. This is not a job for just anyone. You must bestow the patience, wit, and deep concentration required to out smart the Sly Shrew. Thus far I have set over 20 traps and I can do it with my eyes closed. My bloody, blistered fingers are an indication of my deep commitment to the hunt.