The script below will be used to open and close amateur radio nets.  A standard script ensures the net will be run in a similar format each time it operates, regardless of who is acting as NCS.


[Key up]

"CQ  CQ  CQ All amateurs. Please standby for the Raleigh County ARES / RACES net."

[Un-key and wait for a few seconds to be sure no one was involved in a conversation]

[Key up]

"This is [________], net control for the Raleigh County ARES/RACES Emergency Net."


"This is a directed emergency net for liaison stations from all Raleigh County ARES/RACES regions."

Unless you have emergency traffic, please transmit only when requested by the NCS

When you check-in, and you wish to leave before the NC secures the net, you must contact NC and ask permission. (NC has you logged in as a participant and if necessary would contact you. If you leave the net without getting permission, NC will not know that you have left. and if it would be necessary for NC to contact you and you are not there, that would slow down the net or possibly loose trafficability in your area. However, later, later finding out that your station went off air without you control, you would be excused.)

Check-in with your call sign, your name, and your location. If you have traffic, check in the appoporate catigory :  Emergency Traffic, Priority, With or without traffic.

Do not state "in-and-out" or "anything pertaining to ''head count''. If you have nothing to add to the net, just check-in and wait to be called on till the net is secured. If you have traffic and when you are finished with your traffic, state your call sign and then state "back to the net' otherwise you are still "on the floor!".

[A note to NCSs: If a station fails to close their traffic with the above proceidure, ask that person if they are done - if yes - then ask them to sign and state "back to thew net"; if no, ask them to proceed further. This way you can keep order and leagle with the net.]

Any stations with emergency traffic only, please call now and state "emergency" after stating your call sign, name and location.


Any stations with priority traffic only, please call now and state "priority" after stating your call sign, name and location.


All other stations with or without traffic, please call now and state "With traffic" or "Without traffic" after stating your call sign, name and location. Note folks that if you say "Without traffic" you still have to ask for permission to leave the net.



I would like to thank all stations that checked in.

This is [__________] securing the Raleigh County ARES/RACES Emergency Net at [date and time] returning the [repeater or frequency] to regular amateur radio use.