Repeater Report Form
This form is to add a new repeater and/or update an existing repeater data.

You will notice that there is already a dash "-" in some of these fields.
Just erase them before entering date unless the "-" is part of a "pull down" field.
If you have no data to add to a particular field that has a dash "-" in it,skip that field leaving the dash "-" intact.

When entering Call Signs, use all capital letters.
Do NOT use commas.

Repeater's Basic Information
Band :
Output : Mcs.
Offset :
Tone :
Call on Repeater : [ Use ALL Caps ]

Repeater's Location
Location #1 :
Location #2 :
Nearest Town :
County :
State :

Repeater's Owner Information
Owner :
Owner's Call Sign :
Owner's Address :
Owner's Town :
Owner's State :
Owner's Zip Code :
Owner's Phone :
Owner's E-Mail :

Repeater's Contact's Information
Contact's Name : First  Middle  Last
Contact's Call Sign :
Contact's Position :
Contact's Address Line #1 :
Contact's Address Line #2 :
Contact's Town :
Contact's State :
Contact's Zip Code :
Contact's Phone :
Contact's E-Mail Address :

Internet Web Site

More Information
Notes :
Tower Information :
[If you are on a commercial tower, place it's information here.]

Mapping Co-ordinance Information
Latitude DMS : Degrees   Minutes   Seconds
Longitude DMS : Degrees   Minutes   Seconds

Other Information
Is an autopatch avaliable?
Is Emergency Power avaliable?

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