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This article documents my restortation of a Hallicrafters SX-100 Receiver. It apparently had sat in a relative's barn in West Texas, brought to me by way of my Grandfather when I was about 12 years old.

The restoration consisted primarily of replacing capacitors and cleaning up the interior, followed by an alignment.

Source for capacitors: Hayseed HamFest
Prior to Restoration.

Dusty chassis and tubes.

Removal process of old capacitors. De-soldering where feasible, otherwise they were just nipped off by the diagonal cutters.

Removing this set screw turned out to be a real pain because I didn't have the appropriate wrench.

All the capacitors are replaced!

Cleaned chassis with new electrolytic capacitor.

Caps are getting smaller!

Removal of "doghouse" chassis containing converter to 2nd IF stage.

Alignment of 2nd IF stage at 50.5 kHz.

Created 17 May 2020
Edited 17 May 2020
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