Heathkit GD-1 Restoration

James Palmer

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This page is about how I made replacement coils for my grandfather's Heathkit GD-1 Grid Dip Oscillator that was passed down to me. A few years after his passing, my grandmother found it in a drawer and gave it to me.

Youtube Demonstration

EE times article on GD-1A GDO

It seemed difficult to find an original set of coils and I didn't feel like dealing with Ebay, so I decided to homebrew mine. For homemade replacment coils, I drew inspiration from these pages:
[1] https://www.antiqueradios.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=323715

The completed coils.

All the materials needed to construct the coils.

Filing a taper on the brass rods on my lathe to form the coil pins.

Setting the pins to the coil form with clear epoxy.

Winding the wire to the coil form.

A finished coil!

Created 22 August 2021
Edited 22 August 2021
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