A Homebrew Roof Mount for a Small Transmitting Loop


I had a good Small Transmitting Loop (STL) in my backyard for almost two years and it worked well enough. I finally decided I was tired of mowing around it and telling the kids to keep away from it, and I knew that the shed rooftop would be a good location for it.

Finished assembly:

Assembly in the garage:

Shoring up the shed roof. I decided to add a couple rafters and some bracing. The legs will be secured using threaded rod, a standard recommendation in the ARRL antenna book.

Mounting. There's always some difficultly along the way, which for this project was an 1/8" drill bit broken off into the pressure treated wood. I was able to come back and add the remaining rod later.
Parts List (Mostly Complete)
Item QTY Price/ea Subtotal
2x4x8' to strengthen roof28.2516.5
2x6 for inside of tower base11616
2x4x8' PT for top of roof113.1813.18
1/8" x 1.5" x 24" alum. for mount11212
1/8" x 1.5" x 36" alum. for mount41872
1/8" x 1.5" x 36" alum. for braces21836
Bolts for tower 5/16 x 1160.609.6
1/4" diameter x 12" threaded rod8
1/4" fender washers 8
1/4" lock washers 160.5
1/4" lock nuts 160.32
estimated total 232.52

Created 28 May 2022.
Edited 28 August 2022
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