Mechanical tools vs. battery operated

Why I'd rather not bother with batteries

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Batteries and small electronic tools have undoubtedly improved our quality of life. However, sometimes I think small battery-powered devices are more trouble than necessary.

The batteries often go out at inopportune moments. Worse yet, the battery contacts can go bad. I regularly use a pair of digital calipers bathroom scales vs. mechanical scales. Whatever accuracy, which is typically slight, that is lost in using the mechanical tool is worth 100% availability to me. that have a bad battery contact. I much prefer my other mechanical ones. There is nothing to replace. I have had similar problems with digital scales, metronomes, and timers.

I will say that the advent of the smart phone has enable some battery-powered functions to improve, because the user maintains fewer batteries. Unfortunatley, I can't stand on my phone to measure my weight, or to measure an O.D. on a part.
Written on 3/7/2013
Updated on 16 May 2015
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