These links are mainly my bookmarks that I can access anywhere. Many are 10+ yrs. old and are now dead. Such should be a lesson in impermanence on the Internet!

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Resurrect a dead link (Wayback Machine)
Cooper's website
Joe's website

Home CMOS construction
Discover Circuits
Making Homemade Transistors
Low Frequency oscillator
The Schmitt Trigger
Soundcard function generator
SoundCard Oscilloscope
6AQ5 transmitter
Parts and Kits RF amplifier
Homepage von DL9EBA
What is RFID?
Homemade Mechanical Scanning Television
Yet another DIY 7400 series TTL logic computer
Articles about homemade semiconductor devices
LCD keychain hack
4NEC2 antenna modeling software
Digital radio modes
Electromagnetic Waves and Antennas
Antenna system noise temperature
Homemade Transistors
PIC information
Homemade curve tracer
Web Python tutorials
Ham Radio Homebrew
PIC programmer for complete beginners
Simple PIC programmer
LOTS of great technical information on electronics!
Spark, Bang Buzz
Crystal RadioProjects
The Obsolete Computer Museum

Computing / Software
Menuet OS
Commodore 64 Software that isn't games
Learn Python the Hard Way
Roger's Online Equation Editor
Free website templates
Commodore 64 Books
UNIX Hacking
Linux Guide
x86 Interrupt List
Ndiswrapper Utility
Rock Linux
Privacy Enthusiasts look: Complete data destruction
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Windows Utility to read ReiserFS
Programming Memory Pointers
Palm OS software
Free PalmOs software
Gentoo Wiki
Scanner Software
Java API

Metal Working / Wood Working / Workshop
Metal Lathe Accessories -- Machine Your Own Tooling
South Bend Lathes
Doc's Machine Shop
Lathe indexing
Machining Links
The Virtual Machine Shop
More lathe information
Mini Lathe Ideas and Tips
Lathe Projects
Morgan Demers Projects
Foundry Plans
Freon Tank Miniforge
Simple Atmospheric Gas Forge
Homemade furnace
Homemade Lathe Ideas
Open Source Machine how-to
Shop Floor Talk forums
Woodworking information
Gadget builder mini lathe projects
Home model engine machinist
Hobby Machinist forums
Metal Web News. Metalworking references
Evaluating a lathe
Inspecting a used milling machine
Metal Lathes beginner buying guide
MOT Spot Welder
Backyard Metal Casting
Homebuilt Lathe based on Gingery's plans
Harbor Freight Buying Guide

Amateur Science Page
How to become a good theoretical physicist
Condensed Matter Physics Bibliography
Physics book
MIT OCW Intro. to Nanoelectronics
MIT Opencourseware Theory of Solids
Random Bytes Technical Info
Vacuum Technology Pages/ Electronics / More
Outgassing of materials
Extremely Detailed Vacuum System information!
STM construction kit
Physics Lecture Demonstrations
Homemade Electrometer
SciPlus: great source of cheap components for projects
Interpretation and use of a vacuum gauge
Homemade Diffusion Pump
Atomistic modeling of materials
Physics Problems
Vacuum-less plasma globes
Difference between plant and animal mitosis

Personal Behaviour
Getting Things Done
Specialization Is for Insects
How to Manage a lab and staff
DIY Message Board
Productivity Tips
Into Thy Word
Beginner's Workout Plan
Plans Unfolding: A great printable pocket organizer
Ask a Manager
The Luck Factor

Warren Buffett's Investing Advice
Very informative investing message board
Tips for retirement for grad students
Proofs that the US Total Stock Market is Efficient
Better Budgeting With Gnucash

Engineering Design
AutoCAD tutorials
Engineering Drawing fundamentals
AutoCAD tutorial
DesignCAD user forum

Automotive / Bikes
Bicycle Cone adjustments
Source for auto interior materials
Online store for automotive starter motors
USA Filter store. Discount motor filters
Autoshop 101
Saturn S-Series Transmission Swap
Vehicle wheel alignment at home

Projects and Information
SHTF information
Free US Military Manuals
Awesome set of vintage projects
Old 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
Free Ebooks
More Books
Still more books
CD phonograph
Phonograph maker's pages

The Landscape of Music (Music Map)
Why you can't sound like Leadbelly
Reading a Machine
The Cheapskate's Guide to Atlanta
HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Cajun Music
Vintage 78 Records
Jay Buckey - a Bluegrass Musician

Advice from a Skip Tracer
Steve's Piano Service
Guitar Tabs
Invisisble Man
Short Stories
Fart Facts!
Mandolin Tabs
Bluegrass Tabs
More Tabs/Sheet Music
Bunny Suicides
How to Disappear
The Weapon Shops of Isher
(broken link)
Folk Tunes Wiki
Game Theory
Kid Humor
ARRL Scholarships
Meebo Online IM service
Urban Hitchhiker
University of Texas Stuff
Tesla's Patents
Make you PC look like a Mac
Stuff that should exist
Tim's site
Major Geek's
Fret.scom home shop tech
World Library
Good books!
John Titor

Busting Shoes
Huge online archive of American music
Complexity Theory: Actions for a Better World
HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Cdzlimited streaming audio
Early Jazz artists
Living in the boondocks
Database of 80's text files
Interesting File Database of Skeptic Articles
Texas Common App for College
Gospel Groups
Libertarian Columns/Forum
First United Methodist Church Leonard, TX< br>
The Webnexus system.
Elinon Online

Mutopia Project
Guitar Tab
Steve's Piano Site
Lester S. Levy SheetMusic Colletion.
Historic AmericanSheet Music
Warren Trachtman's RagtimePage
CharlesTempleton Sheet Music Collection
Perfessor Bill's Ragtime Page
Han's Palm's Accordion Page
UCBSheet Music

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