My Schwinn Continental

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I have enjoyed cycling all of my life. I live close to my place of work, and this enables me to cycle to work. This has the benefit of saving me lots of gasoline money, wear on my vehicle, and commuting doubles as exercise. I consider myself a "practical" cyclist, in the sense that I have chosen older or simpler equipment over more expensive, newer equipment that delivers a performance edge. For instance, I use a $4 Coleman poncho to shed the rain, instead of made-for-a-bike rain gear. It works quite well, and the price is right!

I chose a Schwinn Continental for my "do-all" bike. It is a sturdy steel framed commuter that is light enough for light touring. I chose the durable steel frame over a lighter aluminum frame simply because I don't want to worry about cracking the frame if I hit any hard bumps. I added stainless steel fenders so that the endless rain in the Pacific Northwest wouldn't slow me down. I also chose the fenders because together with the red paint the bike looks really good!

I enjoyed this man's thoughts about cycling: Steve Litt on Transportational Cycling

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