Things to Read List


RECOGNIZING, at the quarter-centenary age of twenty-five, the following outstanding points:

a) his mortality
b) a projected annual consumption of approximately 17 books (partially read documents and literature not withstanding)
c) a cumulative consumption of approximately 300 books
d) a need to fulfil purpose and direction within his lifespan

JMP has estimated that around another thousand books are to be read before his passing. (GOD's will not withstanding)

THEREFORE, JMP has determined he will compose a queue, to be filled by books, documents, and general works of literature that will fulfil purpose and direction. This, bearing in mind any changes in personality, publication of new literature, or revelation of new material.

Here is the list:
Your memory: how it works and how to improve it
The complete problem solver, Second Ed.
Talent is Overrated
Science the Endless Frontier
Limits to Growth: the 30-year update
Something written by Robert L. Forward
Marketing for Scientists
A PhD is not enough! (A guide to survival in Science.) (available at Gatech. ebook.)
The Millionaire Next Door
CIG to breaking bad habits (gatech)
Consider Phlebas
Steel Beach
The Peace War
Arrest-Proof Yourself
Communist Manifesto
A Short History of Nearly Everything

Now read:
Personal Finance for Dummies (AFPL has it)
What color is your parachute? (AFPL / Gatech)
Complete Idiot's Guide to Finance and Accounting (Gatech libary.)
Accounting for Dummies (AFPL has it)

Written on 12/23/2013
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