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Beam me home, Scotty!

2013 Updates
Figure out how to use the GA Tech hosting. Ran with it.
2010 Updates
Had the website on my DSL provider website. I didn't care for it and left it alone.
2009 Updates
1/2/2009 (Preferred Software added)

2008 Updates
12/23/2008 (added the page about Damped Oscillations)
12/15/2008 (added the Spectroscope page)
12/6/2008 (added the quantum computing presentation)
10/31/2008 (added the variational calculation for the 1st excited state of helium)
10/12/2008 (numericalintegrator1.c added to the programs page.)
9/8/2008 (I added another joke.)
7/20/2008 (Reformatted index.html)
7/19/2008 (Simple VHF radio added)
7/9/2008 (Added the vacuum tube regen)
6/5/2008 (I found a file of jokes I wrote. Enjoy!)
6/3/2008 (Added regen no. 1)
5/19/2008 (Power Supply Project and physics table added)
5/14/2008 (I updated the card pyramids page)
5/13/2008 (Added the transistor amplifier, conformal mapping, and Ninety Nine Blues )
4/1/2008 (Check out the Johann! browser.)
3/30/2008 (I'm experimenting with image galleries. Stay tuned!)
3/17/2008 (I brought it back to life again.)

2007 Updates
12/13/2007 (Server brought back to life after a month long outage)
12/31/2007 (The Table Project page was added)
12/28/2007 (Added The Plucked String)
11/9/2007 (Added the big integral)
10/27/2007 (Added The Tautochrone Half-pipe)
10/19/2007 (Added the Collections Page.)
8/14/2007 (You can read my 8th grade valedictorian's speech, if you want.)
8/12/2007 (Reformatted the site, and reinstituted the php guestbook.)
8/5/2007 (Added the Digital Clock article and discovered the fixed-width html table)
7/24/2007 (rowreduce.c added, along with minor format changes)
7/23/2007 (A separate updates page was added.)
7/21/2007 (The Johann! Archives are complete! Sweet boredom, you inspire action! I also added Heather's Album.)
7/4/2007 (Began the Math Tables project and added the Raincoat Dilemma)
5/12/2007 (I managed to figure out Dynamic DNS. The reliability will now be much better. Only an hour between IP updates!)

2006 Updates
12/21/2006 (I dedicated an old computer as a server. Perhaps I can settle on a URL now.)
11/19/2006 (Added Card Pyramids and a new Prank)
11/18/2006 (Added guess.c, euler.c to Programs, Books Read)
10/6/2006 (Added 11 to 7)
6/16/2006 (Added vector comic)
4/9/2006 (Added a proof)
3/21/2006 (Added Yanking)
1/11/2006 (Added Old Man Gates)

2005 Updates
11/29/2005 (Added a "Prank")
10/18/2005 (Added the kite story to the Story Section)
10/10/2005 (Added a guestbook to the system.)
10/08/2005 (Added a story to The Story Section)
8/18/2005(Johann! Comics database is in the works)
8/15/2005(I rearranged my frontpage with this 37337 table.)
8/13/2005(Added the Instrument List)
8/7/2005(Added an entry to the Pranks page)
8/2/2005 (Moved over to the ad-free Webnexus system and added a counter)
8/1/2005 (Added Born to be LOUD! and have contemplated rearranging this dang mess I call a website)
7/17/2005 (Added Fearching)
7/15/2005 (Added entries to the Pranks page)
7/06/2005 (Added The Sailor's Song *bursts into uncontrolled laughter*)
6/24/2005 (Added several links to the Links page, the Comics page, the Witch article, The Programs, Instant Checkers, and the Taco Method)

Sometime in the Spring of 2002: I started this site during a class project.
Please note that significant updates between then and 2005 aren't recorded.

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