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I am a disabled veteran. Went to college for Electronic Engineering Technology with more than 35 years of experience. Was repairing almost everything in electronics at own shop. Volunteer of Civil Defense and Rescue. Joined the US ARMY and worked as a Patriot Missile Technician repairing radar and missile stations, computer systems, hydraulics and all related electric and electronic needs on the system including the Gulf War.

Have been in New York for about 24 years and worked in several advanced electronics companies. Some of my jobs were, Sears, United Radio and Syracuse City School District serving more than 50 buildings. Also helped city hall and fire departments with technologies. Currently, I am working in the design of SDR radio and ham radio kits. Proejcts such as uBITX radio and a lot more. As a ham radi0 operator now, also program in Python, C++ and other programming languages and use them for ham radio design too.

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Address : Syracuse, New York

Current and future projects

Current Projects

DMR with PC and MBTIX / November - 2018

At this time I am multitasking. Har study on the General License, building my QSL.NET site, ordered the MBITX board for an HF radio assembly. Will later add a 7" screen on it with programmed menus. Will use Python and C++.
Also ordered a dongle to use my laptop and PC with a nice Radio Station type of microphone, and will also design SDR or software radio applications to use in Ham Radio experiments.

A lot of new other stuff is on the plan and working hard on it to keep myself busy. Will update with anything new, such as my KD2QMZ YouTube channel and a lot more.

Upcoming Events

Software / November - 2018

Any one with interest on what softare, how it is used, webside design software, tools, services and hosting, I can cover all of that. For example the creation of a live chat room and / or forum for active community engagement and discussion to help others. I have used several very advanced tools with plenty of years of expencience on a lot of stuff. Just ask by contacting me by email as shown above.