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Salem IRLP Node 3894.  Any licensed radio amateur may use it. There are a few simple rules, procedures and conditions.

The node is normally on during the hours of 08:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night.  To check and see if the node is operational give your ID and then press #01.

Always Identify before using any DTMF codes "This is <callsign>", then send DTMF code and wait for link up message.  Then listen, listen, listen before you announce yourself.  It is a good idea to use this form "<callsign> Salem, Oregon.

After putting in the four digit code Please wait 15 seconds before you talk, incase there is a QSO on the node you are calling.

To disconnect from a node or reflector key in 73.  This can only be keyed in if the node is silent.

Please wait 2 seconds after a transmission before beginning yours. Key your radio and wait another second before speaking. These pauses are necessary to allow switching time over the internet. If you forget, your first words will not be heard.

You MUST use a CTCSS (PL) of 127.3 to transmit into my IRLP link, though you may listen or talk locally without PL. IRLP is on 147.410 MHz. simplex.

When using other nodes than this one please note that not all codes are the same.  They may and more than likely will use different DTMF codes than found here.

Please check with KD6WAB before using IRLP for the first time, or listen to others use the IRLP system for a while, then ask a local user to coach you through your first session. It's easy to use, but there are a few subtleties, like how to connect and disconnect from a node.

Remember about 3rd party rules and do not pass 3rd party traffic or let non-amateurs talk to nodes in countries which are not on the US 3rd party agreement list. Canada IS on the list and is okay for 3rd party traffic.

A few DTMF commands you might find usefull:

#01 Node Status
#02 Node Station ID
#03 Local Date and Time
#04 Station ID, Date and Time
#10 Last Call Received, Node # and Time
##xxxx Returns time and date of remote Node x=Node Number
*xxxxxx Call Echolink node x=node number

A list of nodes may be found at
More complete information may be found at

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