These are some useful frequencies, nets, nodes and other stuff locals and visiting hams should know about.  These listings are mostly for those hams in Humboldt county California.  Humboldt covers towns south of Crescent City, CA to the north (HW-101), to Willow Creek, CA to the east (HW-299), to Garberville, CA to the south (HW-101).  If there is data on this page that is incorrect, please send me an email to my FCC call sign listed on

These repeaters work well NORTH of Eureka, California:

146.700    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Far West link (above Eureka)
147.000    PL 103.5    +600KHz        Far West link ~Willow Creek, CA
                                      (high top machine) <911 access>
147.250    PL ?        +600KHz        Brooking, OR high top machine
147.180    PL 136      +600KHz        Crescent City, CA  Great coverage on HW-199
146.880    PL 136      -600KHz        Crescent City, CA  Mostly local repeater

These repeaters work well EAST of Eureka, California:

147.000    PL 103.5    +600KHz        Far West link near Willow Creek, CA
?            ?            ?            Weaverville, CA

These repeaters work well SOUTH of Eureka, California:

146.700    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Eureka, CA Far West link <911 access>
                                      Good to Loleta, CA
146.760    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Scotia, CA Far West link, <911 access>
                                      Good to ~Garberville, CA
146.610    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Garberville Far West link, <911 access>
                                      Good coverage beyond Garberville, CA
146.910    PL 103.5    -600KHZ        Good-fair coverage Eureka to Garberville

Other useful repeaters between Trinidad CA to Garberville, CA:

146.700    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Far West link (above Eureka) <911 access>
145.470    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Local HARC repeater at Red Cross building
                                      Mckinleyville-Eureka only w/440 link
443.300    PL 103.5    +5MHz            440 link to 145.470 crossband/remote
147.445    PL 103.5    -1MHz            Covers Fortuna to Trinidad. (odd split)
                                        IRLP# 3560
147.090    PL 103.5    +600KHz        Good coverage Scotia to Fortuna, even Eureka.
147.330    PL 105.3    +600KHz        Very good coverage from Eureka to Garberville
146.790    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Good local Garberville coverage
146.940    PL 103.5    -600KHz        Shelter Cove repeater.

Important local simplex frequencies used in Humboldt county:
146.520        National 2 meter simplex
146.430        Arcata and north ARES simplex
146.460        Eureka and south ARES simplex
146.580        Fortuna  and south ARES simplex
147.540        Local greater Eureka (north and south) simplex
446.000        National 70cm simplex
445.500        Local greater Eureka (north and south) simplex and ARES simplex

Digital frequencies:

145.050 is our local PACKET digital frequency--no hill top nodes currently.  For testing, we continue to maintain ka6oqj-2 at Woodley Island NOAA weather station.  I hope to bring back Horse mountain digi (ALT: ~3500FT<~1065M>)

144.390        National & Local APRS freqency.  Good coverage from Trinidad to Eureka with I-gate fill-in digi (ke6sls-3), Then good coverage from Loleta to Scotia with fill in digi kf6bvb-5.  Further south along HW-101 is Pratt which is a hill top full digi w6pkt-10.  From Garberville south, outstanding APRS coverage.  Currently, tere is no coverage along HW-299 beyond ke6sls-3 local coverage from Eureka--My goal is to get a full digi at Horse which will give coverage nearly too Weaverville before year end--wish me luck!

Here is a useful link to a PDF repeater listing.
Here is a useful link to a PDF Map showing repeater locations.  It's busy but useful.


Updated:  September 6, 2010