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Daytime Region 7 Traffic Net (DRN7)

The Daytime 7th Region Traffic Net is a group of Amateur (Ham) Radio stations scattered throughout the 7th Region of the Radio Relay International System.
Their purpose is the timely passing of written radio messages (radiograms) via amateur radio, into, out of and within the 7th Region of the
International Traffic System - a part of the System's commitment to the citizens of this country. The net meets twice daily on 3925 kHz or 7235 kHz at
0945 PT/1945 UTC and 1515 PT/2215 UTC 7 days a week - 365 days a year.

Member stations checking in are expected to monitor the net and handle traffic listed for their section. Visitors are always welcome!!!

DRN7 Traffic Activity


Link to Radio Relay International

Download RRI Operating Aids and Reference Materials (Radiogram) HERE

This is a link to Northern Utah SDR

(Message short-cut numbers) Relief Emergency Routine Messages FSD-3

(Component parts of radiogram) Relief Emergency Routine Messages FSD-218

National Traffic System Methods and Practices Guidelines

Why support RRI Reasons

World Radio History Information

Code of Federal Regulations Station Operation

How to Evaluate RF Exposure FCC Rules

SolarHam Predicting HF Conditions

Protocol - Preamble

Check-in Member Roster

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Nita KE7DRT net mgr
2 / 11
3 / 11
Bill K7MT
4 / 11
Verne NW3D
5 / 11
Chuck W7EDQ
6 / 11
Mike W7ISE
7 / 11
Mike VE7GN
8 / 11
Earl AF7LJ
9 / 11
Jeannie AF7LK
10 / 11
11 / 11

Want to become a member?

  • Check in 10 seperate days within a 30 day period! Either net times listed below.
  • Get aquainted with the process!
  • Contact Net Manager! Email link below.
  • Recieve an invitation to join!
  • Volunteer to take traffic!
Contact DRN7 net manager Email Nita KE7DRT (WA)

Net Control (NC) Assignments

Depending on conditions the net may move up or down 5K or swap 40M and 80M

Freq/time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3925 0930 PT Verne (WA) NW3D Tom (WA) N7CFI Mike (BC) VE7GN Hal (OR) KC7ZZB Earl (ID) AF7LJ Mike (OR) W7ISE Chuck (WA) W7EDQ
7235 1500 PT Brad (WA) KJ7YNZ Brad (WA) KJ7YNZ Mike (BC) VE7GN Hal (OR) KC7ZZB Jeannie (ID) AF7LK Tom (WA) N7CFI Brad(WA) KJ7YNZ

Want to initiate an outgoing RADIOGRAM?

  • Keep your message SHORT and to the point!!!
  • Download RRI-Radio-Form-1602 (2nd link under the heading: "INFORMATIVE LINKS BELOW!")
  • Watch the video below: YOUR FIRST RADIOGRAM
  • Don't have a Ham radio? - contact a licensed amateur operator to help you relay the message!

This video covers the basic criteria needed to send your first radiogram!

Contact DRN7 Webmaster

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