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Go here to see McMurdo Station's Philatelic Club cachet, Mid-Late 1970's

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American Society of Polar Philatelists members may recall illustrations of some of the covers I used to own, in past issues of their publication Ice Cap News    Volume 30, Number 3, has the McGuire Polar Expedition featured via an illustration of one of my covers from that 1985 venture. In Volume 30, Number 4, the Masako Izumi North Pole Expedition and some other covers of mine made the issue. Back issues of ICN should be available from the ASPP past issue sales department, or possibly available for inter-library loan from the American Philatelic Research Library.

Autographed  Cover from the Masako Izumi North Pole Expedition of 1985

Airship Graf Zeppelin meets the Icebreaker Malyguin  

Jacobsen-McGill Univ. Arctic Research Expedition 1961

U.S. Army Polar Research and Development Center-Camp Century (1963

The Plaisted Polar Expedition(s), 1967-8... 90' North by Snowmobile

Kenting Earth Sciences PolarQuest '72

Other Contemporary North Pole Expeditions

Japanese Explorer N. Uemura Conquers Mt. McKinley, Dies in Process

AGASP North Pole Flights by NOAA

Marginal Ice Zone Experiment (MIZEX) 1984

A Modern-Day Alaskan Dog Team Cover

Classic Arctic Covers, USN and USCG

Arctic Helo Flights, USCG Icebreakers

Ice Islands: Fletcher's T-3 / Drift Station Bravo

ARLIS II Arctic Research Laboratory Ice Station: EVACUATION

Arctic Submarines; Northwest Passages, including Surface Vessels  

US Submarines at the North Pole in the 1990's ICEX and SCICEX

Canadian Ice Island Project Covers, 1980's

Canadian Ice Island Flight Covers

Barrow Saves the Whales, Really

Territorial Alaskan Covers, Including Will Rogers/Wiley Post Memorial at Barrow, Alaska

High Arctic Dive Safari, SCUBA @ Resolute, NWT

Sir Hubert G. Wilkins' 1957 Bi-Polar Flight

A Classic Spitsbergen/Kings Bay Postcard from the 1930's  

Modern Spitsbergen; Cruises, Expeditions

Soviet Events, Stations, Icebreakers

Odds and Ends from Greenland

Polar Bear Local Post, Alaska   

Friendship Flight 1988; Nome to Provideniya

Link to a Russian Blog (From Russia With Love) with history of Russian Drifting Ice Islands; Interesting

Byrd Antarctic Expedition III: Snow Cruiser Cover  

Some less-commonly seen covers from Operation Highjump

A Secret U.S. Post Office in Antarctica

Classic Antarctic Covers, Including WAGB's/Deep Freeze I, II, III

Byrd Station/Byrd Surface Camp 1956-1989

Little America Covers

U.S. Naval Nuclear Power Unit Detachment PM-3A

Chapel of the Snows and Chaplain Mail

Antarctic Flight Covers, including USCG AVDETs and VXE-6

And you thought it was just the NAVY in Antarctica? Wrong Again...

Various Antarctic Resupply Vessels, including R/V Hero

Antarctic Tourism, 1960's and forward

Vessels & markings of the Greenpeace Organization

Antarctica labels, local post stamps, Snowmobile mail

Winter-Over Cachets, Operation Deep Freeze

McMurdo Station Mail 1984-85, the "Wacky" episodes: Church of the Sub-Genius, et al.

Communications Cachets, QSL's, Antarctic Radio

Cape Hallett Cachets up to the Cape Hallett Expedition of 1984-6

Cachets, Covers from Siple Station

Joint U.S./French Antarctic Projects 1980's

French Southern and Antarctic Territories (T.A.A.F.)

Falkland Islands Page

J.A.R.E. Japanese Antarctic Page

Antarctic Scuba Diving, US Diving Project

Covers from US Antarctic Research Program

Covers from New Zealand Antarctic Research Program


My Own: Spring River Local Post

McDonald Territory Private Dispatch (1961): Going On 50 

The Cape Kennedy and Satellite Beach Local Posts, Reprint from First Days

Another Classic Modern-Day Local Post; Brook Hill Local Service, Brook Hill Dairy

Polar News Ticker

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POLAR TRIVIA FOR CASUAL VISITORS: Yes, something a true polar enthusiast knows is this one fact, if nothing else, so don't forget it: Penguins are found only in the continent of Antarctica (well, technically, there are some sub-Antarctic islands in the southern hemisphere that also have penguins)-- and as to polar bears... well, they are found only in the Arctic regions, not in Antarctica.
So if you happened to stumble upon this page as you are doing a class project or something like that, gain an extra point from the be technically correct, you would not illustrate these two animals on the same ice floe! Although often depicted in that fashion, these animals come from totally opposite ends of the globe...

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Also for a bit of background on myself: I am a former member (#2406) of the American Society of Polar Philatelists (ASPP). I was fairly active in the 1980's, but as those who know me or who have read my main homepage know--I tend to bounce in and out of hobbies, as I have several. I have been a polar cover collector since the early 1980's. I might get around to rejoining ASPP some day. (Of course, I'm also a member of the American Society of Procrastinators; # 678)


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