Equipment at KI7CX

The present HF rig is a Kenwood TS930S, (circa 1985), AT-930 Automatic antenna tuner, SP-930 external speaker with selectable audio filters, MC-60 microphone and a PC-1A phone patch. The rig was purchased from K7BUC about 1997. Although the radio covers the 160 through 10 meter bands, I have no antenna for 160 at this time. The HF antenna is a 6 element Wilson with, (I added), a 40 Meter add-on from a TA-33 Mosely at 30', turned by a Ham IV rotator. (More tower is getting higher on the list). I also have a Cushcraft AP-8 that covers 10-80 that lately is only used for Field Day. Mobile HF rig is a Yeasu FT857d with FC-20 tuner that is swapped between the Fiero and the TEVan.

6 Meters= Icom 551, IC-EX106 FM Unit, IC-SM2 Microphone to a 4 element Cushcraft(?) Yagi at 35'.

144-148 MHz= IC211, ICRM2, Mirage B1016 to either a home brew 2 x 5/8 co-linear for FM or a home brew 6 element at 38'for SSB. The shop radios are a Kenwood TR7930 and another Icom IC-211 .

220 MHz= IC37A setup as a base fed into a 2 x 5/8 colinear. Mobile is a ADI or a Kenwood TM-3930A.

430-440 ATV= AEA FSTV-430A Transmitter, Tokyo High Power Labs., Inc. HL-45U Power Booster, Panasonic CCX-Z11 CCD camera to a 13 element home brew antenna at 32'.

420-430 MHz
Icom 451A, hand microphone to a 13 element circular polarized home brewed antenna.

900 Mhz ATV= Rabbit transmitter, ATT Amplifier to a home brew loop yagi. Recieve of the 916.384 output of the 900/1200 FM ATV repeater is with a Rabbit receiver fed to a C-band satellite (LNA or 70 MHz IF) receiver with audio-video out to a common composite monitor.

1200 MHz ATV FM= TX75 FM transmitter 8 channel selectable in 5 KHz steps from the Dallas ATV Group.
1200 MHZ ATV AM/FM= 80 mw Transmitter dip switch progammable, Toshiba brick amplifier by NT7L - Greg,
1265 MHZ ATV FM= Wood & Douglas Xmtr, 5 Watt amplifier to a home brew 23 element loop yagi.
1265 Receive is with a C-band Satellite (LNB Capable) receiver with audio-video out to a common composite monitor.
1200 AM receiver is a PC Electronics TVC-12G Downconverter.

2.434 GHz ATV= Wavecom Jr with attenuator pad removed, a PC Electronics amp board all mounted in a home brew enclosure to a 20" aluminum expanded metal parabolic dish and a KI7CX "cheap & easy" feed mounted at 32'.

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Background is a partial view of the antennas on top of Shaw Butte. Photo by Don Shelley - W3TV