"Biskey Mountain Repeater Group"
"Home of the Biskey Mountain HF Allstars"

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Welcome to the Biskey Mountain Repeater Group located in and around the state of Georgia.

This website is for the ELITE! Biskey Mountain Repeater Group radio operators.

Site located at 3500ft in Pickens / Gilmer / Dawson Counties

Repeater on the air with coverage in AL GA SC NC TN.

Yaesu System Fusion C4FM on 444.1750+mhz / WIRES-X #21028

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since October 1, 2008

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W4MNM W4BCS/R Repeater on Biskey Mtn.

C4FM Digital Net 9:30pm Wednesday Nights

DN/VW mode available

DN 6.25khz audio / 6.25khz data

VW 12.5khz Full C4FM FDMA audio

Real time text messages and voicemail

Your long haul repeater system with coverage into AL TN NC SC

WIRES-X connected to #21028 WIRES-X-C4FM-RFL

DB-420 UHF 440mhz UHF Repeater Antenna

Yaesu System Fusion DR-1 at 80w out of duplexer

Motorola MSF5000 110w PA bridge into the Fusion System

FT1 / FT2 / FTM100 / FTM400 / FT-991 compatible

FDMA C4FM Techonology with the WIRES-X Network

LDF6-50A 200ft feedline

Surge and EMP Protection

FTM100DR WIRES-X Node radio connected 24/7 in reflector #21028

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This BMRG website is still new and will be changing often

C4FM FDMA communication is fun and open to all class amateur radio holders

More C4FM users coming on monthly! HUGE GROUP!

Radios can be purchased at a reasonable cost at HRO. You will be suprised!

There is drivetime traffic on our Yaesu System Fusion C4FM repeater and get's more use than 2 meters weekly!

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