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This is to inform the membership and new comers about the details.

Each January 1st. the B.B.C. has a New Year Special Event and this runs for five hours. The special event runs from Midnight until 5 AM EST. 11 PM to 4 AM CST. A New Year Special Event Certificate will be available on the website for those that are interested in collecting certificates.

Everyone that has Internet access should be able to download and print their own honor system certificate. If anyone without a computer or Internet access wants a certificate printed and mailed to them by the USPS, they will needto request one from another B.B.C. member or one of the B.B.C. officers.

Additional Information:

Our yearly special events are a great opportunity to acquire your five consecutive check-ins for membership. Check-in with all five event control operators and submit your conttrol operator list to the net manager for your membership certificate. Please click on the button below for more info on becoming a B.B.C. Member. If you have any comments or questions. please contact one of the B.B.C. officers. Their emails are listed on the HOME Page of this website.

Enjoy What Amateur Radio Has To Offer.

Submitted by Dan AD8I