APRS Packet Network AX25 & TCIP

Links: APRS.NET Reported with DroidAprs , TheMap Spript below




KJ6DZB-5 (non OP) was a HT tracker, based around a spare MOTOROLA MB860 ATRIX running APRS Droid, a home made 4 contact 1/8 jack to conect the radio to the phone, and 1 new BF-F8HP with an Yaesu YHA-27 antenna. The last secret to this was ... this prevented the android os from thinking for its self, and playingback audio. The 1/8th jack controls audio playback. I did flash a custum rom by CyanogenMod but its not requiered here. A pice of velcro holds the radio and phone back to back. Below ive supplyed a few photos and my wiering diagram.


KJ6DZB-10 (non OP) was generated on a Raspberry Pi, system was configured as follows.

ntp server comand line

---And Updated results of configuring the time server.

time sync server

---Here is the view from up on the hill, Im down there...

PSK Reporter

GPS Degrees, Minutes, Seconds and Decimal Degrees Latitude/Longitude Conversions

html5 speed test

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