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~Chaseing ISS with SATNOGS~



-Shiny SDR-

OaKCenter ATC unselective recording 2_15_2019

Python based web interface to GNU radio & plug'ins.

Git Project


-Monitoring Shure wierless mics, with a hack HACKRF and SDR#.

Here is some RAW spectrum samples. [File1] [File2] one of the mics has AES encrypted!

sdr sharp shure spectrum

--My Journey into Software Defined Radio & The next generation of broadband RF interface--

2/11/2012 Presentation Given to W6CUS East Bay Amiture Radio Club

10/5/13 Presentation Given at Pacificon 2013

pacifacon talk about SDR's

---SDR Signal decoding ---

"sudo rtl_fm -f 144.39e6 -s 22050 - | multimonNG -a AFSK1200 -t raw /dev/stdin"

I discovered multimonNG, its code that will decode: available demodulators: POCSAG512 POCSAG1200 POCSAG2400 EAS UFSK1200 CLIPFSK AFSK1200 AFSK2400 AFSK2400_2 AFSK2400_3 HAPN4800 FSK9600 DTMF ZVEI SCOPE signals. Im my case im using my Generic, RTL2832U running rtl_fm to push 22050khz audo directly to multimonNG, and out comes text in the comand line. Did I mention its all running on a RPi.

comand line


DVT dongle attatched to a Ghpsdr3 server, Qtradio windows client.

rtl sdr

Scanning Tellx com packs comunications & SHURE mic's.

rtl at work photo


Ghpsdr3 QtRadio on Windows coneccted to a Internet based DSP server.

ghpsdr 3 windows


-Android Client-

(3/19/12) Protocal 3 update aHPSDR_3/19/12.apk

(3/3/12) aHPSDR_3/3/12.apk

(2/14/12 Beta) aHPSDR_2/14/12.apk

(2/11/12 Release) aHPSDR_2/10/12.apk


(not current) aHPSDR_pre_2/10/12.apk

---Softrock project---

SDR image

Conectors By Samtec

~))))Antenna-->SoftRock Ensamble 2 RX HF (12v)(1/8" Audio out)(USB)-->

Lenovo T61 w/ ( Softrockusb*, Jackd*-->DTTSP*-->SDRshell v4*) As seen below.

kj6dzb SDR radio running on linux


Instlilation NOTES:

-Get and use synaptic.

-If dosen't work in your Linux web brouser:

- websdr dot org dosent freely share the love that they created, because of this I sugest ghpsdr3.


* Softrockusb: The SDRshell as of 6/2011 dosent comunicate with the board via Hamlib it uses usbsoftrock:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jmarsden/ppa
sudo apt-get update

Then to install this packaged version of usbsoftrock, do:

sudo apt-get install usbsoftrock


*Jackd: Um you need it!

Live streming with Jack:


*DttSP: The instliation is relitvly simple, IF youv'e installed All the prerequisits! Check this site for the svn.

svn checkout is done with the following command:

svn co

Download the prerequisite packages!

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install gcc g++ manpages-dev autoconf automake subversion
sudo apt-get install fftw3 fftw3-dev libgsl0-dev
sudo apt-get install jackd jack-tools qjackctl libjack-dev
sudo apt-get install linux-rt

Use the instructions here to compile DttSP.


*SDRshell v4

svn checkout sdr-shell-read-only

Follow the link, and get too reading....

Here is an Old shell v2 page Good Images!


*Ubiquiti Air View

This is a feture of the Air OS 5.0 & < firmware avalible on Nanostation LOCO M2, Nanostation M2, and more...



---VOX circuits---


Design by Kristen (K6WX) Link If you plan to biuld this Please let me know...


Nw Modes Digital SSTV rxamadrm linux recever.

DTV ????? when you find it let me know.

RHINO or sdr-widget-audio-widget

Another QRP Trancevers

PSK spoters:

-------------Other Applications for SDR's -----------

IF SDR demodulation:

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