Below are the latest images uploaded automatically when received by shortwave radio at KQ4YM's (Don Browne) radio station at LaBelle, Florida

(Note time stamps for date and time received)

KQ4YM - Don Browne

Typical shortwave frequencies used to receive images: 7.173 and 14.233 mhz

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No internet is needed to transmit or receive HD Photos using digital SSTV and the DRM format.

Only ham radio transmissions are used.

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HD Photos transmitted by ham radio by radio signals, no internet needed! (Disclaimer: These images are the transmissions of 3rd party stations, received over internationally allocated HF radio frequencies, and automatically posted on this site. If a transmission with obscene, distasteful, or nude content is received, I may not be able to stop the image from being posted. Fortunately, this does not happen very often at all, thanks to FCC and international regulations. But the responsibility for such content, often illegally transmitted, rests entirely with the station which originated and transmitted such pictures.) (Banner size 1000 x 200)
-KQ4YM, LaBelle, Florida

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HD Images Transmitted By Amateur Radio Stations Around The World

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Easypal Software Is Used To Transmit And Receive Photos By Amateur Radio Operators

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