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Winlink Wednesday:

Winlink Wednesday
Current Week's
Participant Map
Winlink Wednesday
Current Week's
Roster and Net Report (PDF)
All About Winlink Wednesday (PDF)
W4YG's WW Map W4YG's WW Roll
(check-in tally)
ICS-213 Check-in Instructions
(third Wednesdays)
RMS Channels

Radio Aids:

Amateur Radio
Band Chart
Wallops Island
NOAA FoF2 Plot
(Wallops Island)
RepeaterBook VOACAP HF
Propagation Predictor
FCC Part 97 Rules
Wallops Island
Historic Plots


World Sunlight Map and
Moon Phase
Current U.S.
Severe Weather Map

Other Stuff:

FCC License Search Grid Square Locator Ham Band Characteristics
Available Vanity Call Signs Virginia EmComm
Facebook Group
Introduction to Winlink
YouTube Video

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