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The Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society is
composed of Hams in Middle Tennessee who are dedicated to promoting amateur radio.

 Providing public service communications and having fun doing so.

 Anyone interested in Amateur radio is welcome to join us.


History of past Officer's of Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society (RED) years missing Data!

  1967       1972  
  President:     Bruce Nebergall, K4TQL     President:     Larry Marshall, WB4NCW
  Vice President:       Vice President:         
  Secretary:       Secretary: Bob Mahrenholz, K4QQK
  Treasurer:       Treasurer:  
1973       1974  
President: Lannie Simpson /Jim Gore        President:     Ira Jenkins
Vice President:       Vice President:   Bill Hoehl  
Secretary:            Bob Elley      Secretary:            L.D.  Woodham 
Treasurer: Bob Hill       Treasurer:  
1975       1976  
President:     Bill Hoehl                  President:     Gerry Ewell, N4GE            
Vice President:  Jess  Lewis, KR4OJ     Vice President:  Vollie  Miller, W4TDB
Secretary:    Vollie  Miller, W4TDB     Secretary:        Jim Gore                         
Treasurer:       Treasurer:   
1977       1978  
President:    Jess Lewis, KR4OJ     President:   Marvin Lawley
Vice President:  Jerry Stooksbury     Vice President:  John Fox
Secretary: Bob Mahrenholz, K4QQK     Secretary:           
Treasurer:       Treasurer: Bill Bell
1979       1980                      No Records
President:  Jerry Miller, WB4UEW     President:      
Vice President:  Quido Ciardi     Vice President:   
Secretary: Hollis Tolley                 Secretary:            
Treasurer:       Treasurer:  
1981       1982  
President:   Hollis Tolley        President:    Josh Smith, N4EOD
Vice President: Franklin Hornsby        Vice President:  Steve Chadwick   
Secretary:          Franklin Hornsby        Secretary:          Josh Smith, N4EOD
Treasurer:       Treasurer:  
1983       1984  
President:    Heard Lowry, K4VFA     President:     Charlotte Prince, KC4V
Vice President:  Bill Hoehl                Vice President:  George Stone, WD4CYV
Secretary:      Charlotte Prince, KC4V     Secretary:           Jerry Porter
Treasurer:       Treasurer:  
1985       1986  
President: Bob Payne, KC4FV      President:  Ian Haynes, AB4SW     
Vice President: Harvey  Pratt, KB4JD          Vice President: Harvey Pratt, KB4JD
Secretary:  Charles Campbell                Secretary:  George Stone, WD4CYV           
Treasurer:       Treasurer: Chuck Crawford, KH6HKI
1987       1988                      No Records
President:  Bill Hoehl                President:      
Vice President:       Vice President:   
Secretary: Helen Hoehl                    Secretary:            
Treasurer: Chuck  Crawford      Treasurer:  
1989                       No Records      1990  
President:           President:    Will George, W4LHJ
Vice President:        Vice President:  George Stone, WD4CYV
Secretary:                 Secretary:   Gerry Ewell, N4GE       
Treasurer:       Treasurer: Helen Abernathy
1991       1992  
President:  Ian Haynes, AB4SW     President: Heard Lowry, K4VFA
Vice President:  Arthur Trenchi, N4PJK     Vice President: Bill Earheart, K4EGC
Secretary:  Jim Bowen, KA4OCW     Secretary:  George Stone, WD4CYV           
Treasurer: Helen Abernathy     Treasurer: Bob McCoy, N4TVN
1993       1994  
President:    Will George, W4LHJ     President:  Terry Bartholomew, NQ4Y  
Vice President: Josh Smith, N4EOD     Vice President:  Tom Baskin, AF4JJ
Secretary:  Terry Bartholomew / John Cardos            Secretary: Bill Lynn, K4BCL
Treasurer: Bob McCoy, N4TVN     Treasurer: Bob McCoy, N4TVN
1995       1996  
President:    Bill Holt, N0EUU              President:    Ian Haynes, AB4SW   
Vice President:  Tom Baskin, AF4JJ     Vice President:  Jack Hennon, W4OWX   
Secretary: Bill Lynn, K4BCL     Secretary:  
Treasurer: Bob McCoy, N4TVN     Treasurer: Dan McConaughy, W4DMC
1997       1998  
President:     Jack Hennon, W4OWX       President:    Larry Marshall, WB4NCW
Vice President:  John Parsons, K4EMH     Vice President:  Jimmy Steele, KE4PTA
Secretary:        Jane Clark, KE4OYY     Secretary:     Howell Graham, KF4LXL
Treasurer: Dan McConaughy, W4DMC     Treasurer:  James Logan or Craig KF4LKR
1999       2000  
President:    Terry Barthlomew, NQ4Y       President:     Jimmy Floyd, N5TWV
Vice President:  Larry Marshall, WB4NCW     Vice President:  Scott Marshall, KG4DCS 
Secretary: Jack Hennon, W4OWX     Secretary:    Bill Holt, N0EUU
Treasurer:  Robert McCoy, N4TVN     Treasurer: John Parsons, K4EMH
2001       2002  
President:     Jimmy Floyd, NQ4U      President: Jimmy Floyd, NQ4U
Vice President:  Scott Marshall, KG4DCS     Vice President: Charlie Leach, K4OMZ
Secretary:        Bill Holt, N0EUU        Secretary: Bill Holt, N0EUU
Treasurer: John Parsons, K4EMH     Treasurer: John Parsons, K4EMH
2003       2004  
President: Jimmy Floyd, NQ4U     President: Jimmy Floyd, NQ4U
Vice President: Charles Leach, K4OMZ      Vice President:  
Secretary:           Bill Holt, N0EUU     Secretary: Bill Holt, N0EUU
Treasurer: John Parsons, K4EMH      Treasurer: John Parsons, K4EMH 
2005       2006  
President: Jimmy Floyd, NQ4U     President: Jess Lewis, KR4OJ
Vice President: Earl Cairns, N9GSL     Vice President: Gerry Ewell, N4GE 
Secretary:          Jane Clark, KE4OYY     Secretary:          Mary Raper, KG4YFR
Treasurer: John Parsons, K4EMH     Treasurer: John Parsons, K4EMH
2007       2008  
President: Jess Lewis, KR4OJ     President: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG 
Vice President: Bill Holt, N0EUU     Vice President: Steve Haber, N1LHW
Secretary:           Carol Pratt, KI4QWM     Secretary: Carol Pratt, KI4QWM
Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG      Treasurer: Harvey Pratt, KB4JD
2009       2010  
President: David Parrish, KI4THY; 1/2 yr !     President: Ed Hohenthaner, W7LGD
Vice President: Jackie Green, N4MJG     Vice President: Eric Sutherland, AJ4QR
Secretary: Joanna Lewis, WB4JRL     Secretary: Joanna Lewis, WB4JRL
Treasurer: Harvey Pratt, KB4JD     Treasurer: George Stone, WD4CYV
2011       2012  
President: Eric Sutherland, AJ4QR     President: Eric Sutherland, AJ4QR
Vice President: Ed Hohenthaner, W7LGD     Vice President: Ed Hohenthaner, W7LGD
Secretary: Mike Hamby, KI4UJY     Secretary: Joanna Lewis, WB4JRL
Treasurer: George Stone, WD4CYV     Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG 
2013       2014  
President: Eric Sutherland, AJ4QR     President: Eric Sutherland, AJ4QR
Vice President: John "Kin" Brokaw, KK4KIN     Vice President: John "Kin" Brokaw, KK4KIN
Secretary: Joanna,WB4JRL & Tina, AK4AX     Secretary:         Tina Rigsby, AK4AX
Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG      Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG
2015       2016  
President: Eric Sutherland, AJ4QR     President: Randy Bee, W4WRB
Vice President: Randy Bee, W4WRB     Vice President: Michael Glennon, KB4JHU
Secretary:            George Stone & Tom Baskin, +     Secretary: George Stone, WD4CYV
Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG     Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG
2017       2018  
President: Randy Bee, W4WRB     President: Randy Bee, W4WRB
Vice President: Michael Glennon, KB4JHU     Vice President: Michael Glennon, KB4JHU
Secretary: George Stone, WD4CYV     Secretary: George Stone, WD4CYV
Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG     Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG
2019       2020  
President: Randy Bee, W4WRB     President:  
Vice President: Michael Glennon, KB4JHU     Vice President:  
Secretary: George Stone, WD4CYV     Secretary:  
Treasurer: Michael Boyea, KE4KMG     Treasurer:  

Reminiscences of MTARS

From the Beginning


Bruce Nebergall, K4TQL


As I recall, the Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society got its start in 1967.  At the initial meeting, there were nine of us in attendance. 

Those in attendance that I can remember (after all it has been 40 years) are myself K4TQL, Lee Cory K4DCT???, Heard Lowery K4VFA, Bill Earheart K4EGC, Ira Jenkins, Bob Carr W4IYU and three others.  For the life of me, I cannot remember the others although one of them might have been Loral (Woody) Woodham and another Neal Fry.  Unfortunately, I lost all my log books three years ago when our house burned.  I was in the process of writing this history when that happened.  A lot of history went up in those flames.   As I said, there were nine of us at that initial meeting.  We met in the VFW building at the end of Spring Street in Manchester.  As I recall, the weather was chilly and damp so it must have been sometime in the spring when that first meeting was held.

 We got together because we wanted an organized group to provide emergency communication services to the community and to foster fellowship with the hams in the area.  At that time, there was no organized ham club in the area but there were a lot of hams, most of whom seemed to work for AEDC.  There was, after all, a lot of technical activity going on out there and that attracts a lot of hams. 

As I said, we met at the VFW building in Manchester.  The building no longer exists.  The meeting sticks in my mind because we met in the dark by the light of flashlights and street lights.  We could get in, but for some reason we couldn't get the lights on.  Either there was no power to the building that night or we couldn't find the master switch.  I'm not sure who got the permission to meet there that evening (it might have been me).  We decided to meet anyway because at least we were all together.

 That first meeting was intended to see if we could get a club started.  At that time, there was no ham club in the area and there were a lot of hams most of whom seem to have worked at AEDC.  We agreed to come up with a constitution and bylaws and meet the next month.  We did come up with a constitution and bylaws.  I do not remember who might have been in the group to come up with them.  Since there were so few at the time, we may have been a committee of the whole.  We agreed upon a name: the high sounding title of Middle Tennessee Amateur Radio Society.  It seems to have worn well over the years.  We did elect a slate of officers at that second meeting.  I honestly do not remember the entire slate of officers.  I do know that I was elected President, probably because I had tried to get the group together in the first place.  That being said, MTARS would not have been formed without the willingness of all the others.  I have no recognizance of the other officers nor do I know what happened to the records of those meetings.  By the way, we had lights and heat at that and subsequent meetings.

 We met several times more at the VFW building.  Word was getting around about the club and more members joined.  We decided to move the meetings to a larger and more accessible facility.  I seem to remember that we met in a church in the central part of Tullahoma.  George Stone reminds me that we met at the Presbyterian Church.  I do remember conducting meetings in a hall with a large wooden podium.  The group was beginning to get quite large by then.

I do not know how many times I was re-elected.  Once at least.  I may have been the direct predecessor to Mike Jaquish.  I do know that by mid-1970 I would have had to relinquish the office because I was finally caught in the layoffs at AEDC.  I moved from Manchester in August 1970 to Cartersville, Georgia where I went to work for Union Carbide making Glad bags for the next 27 years.  I retired from UC (then becoming First Brands Corporation) in 1997, a move that I have never regretted.

 I have a lot of memories from those years.  I can remember Bill Earheart spearheading, with others, VHF communications in the area.  Someone (I believe it was Bill) setting up a repeater in the area.  My first VHF rig was a Motorola 5V transceiver that was mounted in the trunk of my 1965 Dodge Dart.  It was a real bear of a right and had about 20 watts output.  I believe I bought it from Bill.  Most of the communications was on .94 simplex.  I multi-frequencied the rig setting it up to use the .34/.94 repeater frequency by using a switch.  I do remember that I had to use a big dropping resistor to supply the rig because it ran on 6V and the car, of course, had a 12 volt system. 

Bill Earheart and Bob Carr put me in touch with Bill S?????, a ham who ran a commercial radio business.  Some GE TPL rigs came on the market used and I bought one from Bill S (someone help me out with his name).  He didn't convert it but he did show me how to do it and then tuned it up using his equipment.  I do remember that it was quite a hit on the  pocket book to buy that rig; it took all of $100 which was a bunch of dough in 1967-68.  I still have the rig and, as far as I know, it still works. 

I remember Mike Jaquish, Bill Earheart and Bob Carr running messages on teletype out of Mississippi during Hurricane Camille in 1969.  I'm pretty sure that it was done on Air Force MARS which most of us were part of at the time (I joined AF MARS in 1967).  I do know that all I was good for at the time was to furnish moral support and run for coffee because I didn't know much about teletype at that time. 

I can remember MTARS furnishing communications for the Tullahoma Christmas parade in either 1967, 1968 or 1969.  I couldn't really participate as I didn't have a walkie-talkie.  I did follow the parade and help where I could.  I'm not sure that I even had my TPL running at the time so that I could work mobile. I do know that it was cold as all get out.  I especially remember the Field Day activities that MTARS held on the mountain at Monteagle.  At first, we used Bob Carr's call, W4IYU.  I got a real charge out of operating 40 meter SSB in the early morning hours.  It was always fun to see if we could Work All States on that band; it really opened up at 3 AM.  We did it, too.  Wonder whatever happened to those logs.  I don't know that we ever really placed in the event but we did have a lot of fun. 

One funny incident happened one year:  Of course we always used funky phonetics during the contest so that we would stand out.  Bob's call lended itself to using Whiskey Four Ida's Yellow Underwear as phonetics.  Don't you think that we got a real laugh out of receiving a return call from K4PCB:  Kilo Four Pop Corn Balls.  Not exactly repeatable in polite society, especially back then, but certainly funny. 

It was sometime in 1969 or 1970 that one of our members passed away.  Again, I cannot remember his name but he was well liked in the club.  The club voted to apply for and it received his callsign in memoriam:  W4UOT.  That call has served well over the years. 

The first time I actually think that I used it was when I made a return trip from Georgia in 1971 to participate with the club again at Monteagle.  I remember it well because it rained like crazy that weekend and my family and I stayed in a tent which leaked like a sieve.  The ground was wet, we were wet and all our sleeping gear was wet.  Talk about miserable!  It wasn't very long before we invested in a popup camper which we still have but have not used much in recent years.  Unfortunately, we have not been back to participate in another Field Day.  Maybe next year.  But, I am darn sure not as young as I used to be and won't even begin to stay up all night like I used to.  I do remember staying up all night one Field Day and going back to crash on my girl friends couch the rest of Sunday and Sunday night.  That was before I got married in 1969 so it must have been in 1968 when that happened. 

Pardon my rambling but it is hard to piece things together after 40 years especially with all my records gone.  I have fond memories about MTARS and the folks who were involved with it like Mike Jaquish, Heard Lowery, Lee Cory, Ira Jenkins, Bob Hoehl, Marshall Kingery, Bill Earheart, Bob Carr, Woody Woodham, Walt Williams and many more that I can't name any longer.  I hope that these reminiscences jog the memories of those who can remember better than me and fill in the gaps.  One of these days I hope to get up to a meeting before all the old guys are gone; so many have left us already. 


                                                                                                            Bruce Nebergall, K4TQL



Mike Jaquish remembers...

Hi Cathy. Good to hear from you, and I admire the idea of doing a club
history. MTARS is a super club, and I'm glad to help all I can with the

It looks like you have a pretty good grip on the officers back to 1972. I
did find a note from Marshall Kingery saying that I had been elected
President of MTARS in December 1970, so apparently I was President for CY
1971. Unfortunately, the note from Marshall did not mention the other
officers; it was a nomination letter to get the Tn Council of Amateur Radio
Clubs to consider me as the outstanding ham of the year 1970. I was the
recipient of the Dr. Noble Guthrie award in 1970, which was the Memphis
club's way of telling me they appreciated what I had done for the state. I
was pretty active then, being the Section Emergency Coordinator for the
ARRL in late 60s and the local EC.

In 1981, MTARS gave me a very nice award for my years of leading our
emergency and public service efforts. We were into lots of stuff from our
humble beginnings with W4UOT, K4EGC, and W4IYU in the mid 60s. We provided
communications for Christmas parades, the Great Tennessee Rally for the
SCCA, foot race in Manchester, as well as helping with several real
disasters, like Hurricane Camille (when we set up a major communications
clearinghouse for traffic with Louisiana), a train wreck in Normandy,
winter storms, tornados, Boy Scout adventures, liaison with CAP, telethons,

We also were VERY active in the annual Simulated Emergency Test. So much so
that we moved Tennessee from 17th to 5th in the nation while I was the SEC.
What a group!

We did a lot for our county and cities in terms of public service, and any
credit I may have received was simply as the leader of the dynamic group of
hams in our neck of the woods. These guys are my lifelong friends, and I
need to come to a meeting sometime and renew acquaintances with them. I
left in 1985 or 86 and just bump into a few as I travel through now.

Talk with Bill Earheart, K4EGC(SK) about the early years, too. He was in the
first meeting at city hall, and I moved there in 1964 so it was after that
when we started the club that later became MTARS. I'm sorry that I don't
have a whole lot of info about the officers, but the secretary should have a
good shot at that.

I wish you the best of luck with this project Cathy. Let me know if I can
help you any more.

Mike, W4WJH





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