(Roll Call updated August 6, 2018)

K6EXE George Washburn (1)(2)     Y    N
KG6RDM Marc Lewert(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
WU6V Bob Armstrong(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
KE6UZL Mike Berryhill(1)(2)     Y    N
KE6TIM Tim Howard(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
WA6RNC Ted Armstrong(1)(2)     Y    N
KJ6CBR Betty Reutter(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
AF6PZ Jerry Lovelace(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
KJ6ACE Don Clendenin(1)(2)     Y    N
W6EAS Joe Lutz(1)     Y    N
KK6OMLNasir Lalani      Y    N
KK6ZVLKeven Gallegos(1)     Y    N
KI1DUCJeanne Dittman      Y    N
KM6IAOPaul Ellis(1)(2)(3)     Y    N
         Y    N
         Y    N

NET CONTROL: (1) Can do MARES Repeater NC   (2) Can do MARES Simplex NC  
(3) Qualified for SVECS NC -

NOTES:  A - Has Announcement or Question       C - Check-in Count Volunteer

# If today is one of the first three weeks in January, April, July, or October make sure you ask for the SVECS Breakfast count. The SVECS Breakfast is held on the 4th Saturday of each quarter at 9:00 a.m.

If you want to be added or removed from the check-in list contact Jerry [email protected] You will automatically be added if you are a frequent check-in or dropped if you stop checking into the net.