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World-Wide (TG 91)

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America-Link (TG 31656)

New York State Wide (TG 3136)

NY-NJ-PA Tri State (TG 31360)

Southern Tier NY (TG 31367)

Upstate NY (TG 31361)

WNY/Finger Lakes (TG 310799)

To Disconnect use (TG 4000)

Parrot (TG 9990) with ‘X’ for Private to Test

Parrot will echo back what you say

DROID-Star App


 How to Setup DROID-Star

DUDE-Star Executables

Windows 64 bit     Windows 32 bit

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BrandMeister Server 3101 Switching to 3104

BridgeCom Systems Support Page

Getting Started in DMR

Discovering DMR by KE0FHS

Putting the Pieces Together by K3NXU

Digital Mobile Radio Nets

BrandMeister DMR Nets: Somewhat Out-of-Date User IDs

How to Get Your Digital ID at User ID Database


New York State

State of Pennsylvania

Interstate Repeater System - WR3IRS

Forkston Mountain Repeater (ID 314241)

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Southern Tier NY DMR

WNY/Finger Lakes DMR Users Group

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Pi Star Hotspot Initial Setup 4.1.2

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ICQPODCAST Digital Voice Talk Group


DMR Repeater Map


Map of DMR Repeaters in New York State


Map of DMR Repeaters in Pennsylvania


DMR Call Watch Sites


Linux in the Ham Shack Episode 393: DUDE-Star Deep Dive

The hosts interview Doug, AD8DP, the author of the DUDE-Star project.


Nets for Echolink, D-Star, and D-Rats -- Plus Other Files


QuadNet Multi-Mode Digital Amateur Radio Network


Control Center K4USD Network


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