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Official Yaesu US Website


Official Yaesu Japan Website (English)


Official Yaesu Facebook Page


Official Yaesu Fusion Facebook Page


NEFG Fusion Web Resources


Good for maps and general (but not updated in a while)


Hotspot history and what they are


Difference between Yaesu WiRES-X and hotspots


What is System Fusion:


RT Systems Programming


Southern Tier System Fusion Network


145.5625 Fusion Simplex


Yaesu’s WIRES-X


Excellent site with great info


Information on Fusion and MMDVM projects



YouTube Videos:


Yaesu FT-70DR Wires X Control


Yaesu FT-70DR Wires X Operations


How to use Wires-X on the FT3D


FTM-100 Wires-X Portable Digital Node + Firmware update  (


Yaesu USA Soundcloud


YSF Reflectors


FCS Reflectors


Yaesu Wires-X active node list


Lots of info on digital modes and pi-star hotspots


Pi-Star main page


Pi-Star setup by W1MSG:



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