NCS Script for the Southern Tier Amateur Radio Net


This is N2NCB bringing up the Southern Tier amateur radio net.


STAR is a member of the National Traffic System, with the primary purpose of passing traffic into and out of the Southern Tier and we meet here nightly at this time this frequency and of course, all stations are more than welcome to check in. Again, the call November Two November Charlie Bravo, the name here is Paul. 


And first let's take a stand by for liaison stations and stations with traffic, call signs please.


Do we have any liaison stations or stations with traffic, call signs please?


Then let's take a standby for any station that would like to check into the STAR Net this evening, call signs please.


.. Stations call in...


And we have w8qlg kb2dri


Any other stations for the net this evening, call signs please.


Hearing nothing further, then let’s go to w8qlg, good evening Joe, 


All right, with that, were gonna wrap things up here this evening for the STAR Net on the 8th day of August.


Thanks everybody for stopping by this evening. We had what a good group of 8 here tonight and we always want to say our thank you to the repeater folks for:


1.      Keeping the repeater up and running and


2.     Two supporting this aspect of amateur radio by allowing us to use both beginning and 1830 hours local time seven days a week.


Everyone have a good evening this is a N2NCB.

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