The DroidStar app is available at your app store, for android, it here:

For Apple / iPhone / Mac you need TestFlight available here:

I don't have anything Apple so you're on your own about that.

Steps to using DroidStar:

  1. To start the process of using DroidStar you have to have an amateur radio license and register at! to obtain a DMR ID.
  2. After that is finished and you obtain your DMR identification number from, go to and register.
  3. Register:
  4. Then go back to! and use the "BM Integration" button to send information to Brandmeister Network.  I cannot redo this to verify because I already have done it, so if you receive instructions from Brandmeister, follow those instead.
  5. Go to and register as well.

Confusing name in DroidStar Configuration! README!

The thing that fouls most people up on DroidStar is that the TGIF Pass setting isn't the site password, it is the "hotspot security key" that you have to use, even if your not using a hotspot.  You can find this by going to and logging in with your call sign (not your email address) and your site password, then at the top right hand side you will see your call sign, click on that callsign, and select "user security", then you will see a screen with your DMR ID and your Hotspot Security Key (If you don't see a Hotspot Security Key, click the GREEN button with the clockwise pointing arrows), copy the Hotspot Security Key using the BLUE button, then return to Droid Star, and under Settings tab, go to TGIF Pass  (I know it's the wrong name, but that's the way the software was written) and paste your Hotspot Security Key into the TGIF password field.  

While your on open up your page, and under the Detail tab, find your latitude and longitude, in the Western Hemisphere north of the equator, the latitude is a positive number and the longitude is a negative number.  Enter that information along with your location into the Droid Star Settings tab.

Once you enter the TGIF Hotspot Security Key into the TGIF pass field, it might disappear but it will be written into your settings on DroidStar.

You need to install the DroidStar Vocoder manually!

If you are looking for the DroidStar Vocoder URL that you need for DroidStar Settings tab, "Vocoder URL", you can find them here:

The most commonly needed one is the 64 bit one for Android smart phone or tablet.
The 32 bit vocoder for 32 bit Android is here:

This YouTube video might prove helpful:

Additional Vocoders for other systems.

The other vocoders have been deleted for unknown reasons, but they are available if you use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:
Again copy the URL and enter into the DroidStar Settings Tab "Vocoder URL" - you might have to try several times because can be slow.











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