Sparks goes down with the ship?


By E. D. Perry, S.S. "CELILO~ - WMF

Suppose you were "listening--in,"

In the wee small hours before dawn,

When the air was as clear as a whistle,

And the "sigs" were coming in strong,

You hear someone sending traffic,*

And perhaps a liner or two.

Perhaps you are thinking of your dear ones,

And wondering if they're thinking of you.

You happen to look out the port hole,

The sea is rising fast.

You hear some steamer's signal,

As she goes hurrying past.

Then all at once there's a terrible crash,

You are thrown from your chair to the floor,

You pick yourself up and glance about,

When the Captain appears at the door.

"Send out the distress call," he orders,

"We've struck and we're sinking fast."

You calmly send out the SOS.

And are ready to stick till the last.

You hear the order, "Man the boats,"

You hear them pull from the side,

But you're waiting the answer to your SOS.

As the ship settles down in the tide.

Perhaps they were told to leave in time,

They perhaps had the Captain's permission,

But both of the boys stuck by their ship.

And upheld the "Marconi tradition."

There must be a place in heaven,

For heroes such as they,

Who stick by their ship to call for help,

And go to a grave in the sea.

*The original words were "press 'dope' "