WK4DS is David Saylors, who runs a machine shop in Trenton, Georgia. David's designs impressed some very critical (in a good way) paddle reviewers, but in the end proved too costly in both time and money to be made; each paddle took some 35 hours of fabrication time. Figure out what just the labor from a talented guy like David should cost, add the price of materials, and you can estimate what a paddle like the Excalibur should be worth. Analyze the short-lever design, use of precision bearings, low angular momentum, finger piece-to-contact ratio of 1:1...and you get the idea that David really understood what makes a paddle feel so special to use. You can read more about David and his designs in an artice he wrote for the K9YA Telegraph newsletter (June 2006). Unfortunately these unique, attractive, and (most importantly) well-engineered paddles are no longer being offered.

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