N4ARI net list

Wednesday, 2100-2230 L, SW Virginia DMR net, TG 3151 (slot 2).

Thursday, 2100-2200 L, Tidewater DMR net, TG 31515 (slot 1).

Saturday, 2200 UTC, Multi-Mode Digital Voice net*, TG 31012 (slot 1).


* The Multi-Mode Digital Voice net is Saturday at 22:00 UTC on the Quadnet Array.
Slot 2 on this repeater. Join the conversation on this repeater or by logging in to one of the following:

D-STAR Reflectors XRF757A, XRF735A, XLX307D and XLX049D
Brandmeister DMR Talkgroup 31012
DMR Plus reflector 4541 (on any IPSC2 server)
DMR Plus talkgroup 320 (on the IPSC2-QuadNet Server)
Yaesu System Fusion 37099
Wires X - Room 45058

Early checkins will start about 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the net.

**** Join us on NetLogger during the net ****
During the net you are welcome and encouraged to join us on NetLogger. NetLogger is net management software that is available for Windows, Mac & Linux (not available for Android or iOS). With NetLogger you can see a list of stations that are checked in to the net, follow the net as it progresses and also chat with other stations that are participating. Once you have NetLogger installed, click on the Select Net button and select "Multi Mode Digital Voice Net". Once connected, click on the View Monitors button to see who else is participating with NetLogger. Then click on the Aim Window button to chat with other stations.