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Welcome To My Web Page!

Hello, name here is Dave, I got my Amateur radio license in February of 2011, I took the Technician and General Class License test and passed both. I have been learning a progressing in the hobby. I continue to learn each day and apply what I learn. On 09/24/2011 I passed the Extra exam.

I lived in a Condo most of the time I have been licensed, I was able to casually operate and work 60 countries. My noise level got so bad I was QRT for over 3 years. Purchased a QTH in the country and now able to put antenna's up in the air. VHF is hard due to tree's to my North, but I will be looking to upgrade antenna's soon for 6 Meter and 2 Meter, and hope to be QRV on 432 soon.

I can be found on HF High and low bands, I prefer digital modes. I am QRV on 160m with a 5/8 wave Vertical and QRV on 160-60m NVIS with a 102 foot long doublet at 35 feet. The rest of the bands are on the Doublet or soon to be Vertical at 20 feet. I been picking up radio's that are broken or have minor issues and fixing them. I have sold off most of my ham FM gear and moved over to Land mobile radio's. The sensitivity, intermod rejection and overall ruggedness is second to none.

I was active with BBHN and using routers for mesh networking, unfortunately they are QRT for now since I am out in the country.

I have been restoring tube based equipment for some time, and some of it can be seen on my restoration page. I have taken a break on much of the restoration work due to the lack of room here at the QTH, when that changes I will go back to restorations.




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