Train Gallery





Thanks to George Elwood and all of the fine railroad photographers for these great historical pictures. 

All of these pictures can be found at George's comprehensive Fallen Flags site


Baldwin Electro-Motive
RS1 Steve Meyers Photo AS16 Bill Phillips Photo GP9 Timothy Dickenson Photo
RS2 Bill Navari Photo AS616 Charles Trapani Photo GP20 James Spears Photo
RS3 M. G. Lovis Photo DS4-4-1000 Gary Stuebben Photo SD24 Tom Wilson Photo
T6 Steve Gartner Photo BL2 J Hunt Photo SD45 Dan Dowdy Photo

Remanufactured and Strange Birds

CF7 Robert Seale Photo GP7R Robert Seale Photo GP10 Bill Phillips Photo
GP16 Robert Seale Photo AS16 Bill Phillips Photo RS3m Bil lPhillips Photo
SD26 James Spears Photo SF30B Robert Seale Photo VO1000m James Spears Photo