Our 2011 Sponsors

Without the support of these great sponsors this trip would not have been possible for most, if not all of our youth team members.  By their support these youth operators are going to get to have the ham radio experience of a lifetime, and have one great "what did you do this summer" story when they go back to school in the fall.

These organizations helped support this event with financial support.

Huber Heights
                      Amateur Radio Club


Mile - Hi
                      DX Assn (Denver)

R & L Electronics

GMC Logo
Chapter 9
Chapter 63

Chapter 126
Kansas Amateur
                    Radio Club
Santa Fe Trails ARC

Raleigh Amateur Radio
Raleigh Amateur Radio Society

Medical MGT Advisors Inc.

Johnson County Radio
                    Amateurs Club

Crown Amateur Radio Association


Heart Of
                    America Radio Club
Heartland Neksun
XWarn Xenia

                    Amateur Radio Club

Individual Donors
Amounts will not be published.
Any amount will get your name and call sign on our website and a QSL card.
Please Contribute!

A special thanks to Ron Moorefield W8ILC for his generous donation for the 2010 team.

Don DuBon N6JRL
Sandy DuBon N3TQU
Todd DuBon KD4YHY
Frank DuBon WB6RMB
Randy Benson KB8III
Tim Arimond N0BYH
Lucinda Gantt KB8LVU
Paul Mobus KE4TMN
Tim Duffy K3LR
Andrew Alexander AC0CO
Cameron Alexander K0CAM
Dick Orander KD4ISC
Alan Pitegoff AB4OZ
Paul Stroud AA4XX
Jim Storms AB8YK
Duncan Maclaclan KUODM
Jim Hammock KI0DN
Pam Hammock KC0FWC
Michael O'Neil KD0BNO
Jack Schaeffer KD8BJS
Steve Jenkins KA8HXX
Karl Bowman W4CHX
Gale Bowman K4GGB
Ed Collins N8NUY
William Turner W4WNT
Sang Lee K7MOK
Marty Young W4MY
Richard Kelly-Crapse KB4TKQ
Brian Short KC0BS
Dave Kalter KB8OCP
Rob Lunsford KB8UEY
Pam Scott W0PRS
Tim Procuniar N8NQH
Keith & Lisa Yowell
C. J. Orr KJ4OBQ
Jerry Jones KF4ASE
Steve Siwecki KD8NUC
Tink Siwecki KD8NUA
Artur Siwecki KD8NUB
Cyndi Pearce KD4ACW
Gary Pearce KN4AQ