HEATHKIT SB-220 Hybrid - This is One Of A Kind amplifier. It underwent an "extreme make over" from the ground up.

Amp now has three Jennings vacuum relays, newl 26 volts power supply with new rectifier board, new caps & bleeder resistors, Harbach soft start/in-rush current limiter, AG6K parasitic suppressors, all new filter capacitors, 3400V Hypersil power transformer, 3-500ZG tubes in grounded grid, new output wafer, new fan motor & blade, new meters, new switches, custom/heavy duty bandswitch, all heavy gauge wires and shielded cables, updated diode bias instead of zeener diodes, tuned input circuitry per AG6K's mod plus lots more...
Typically about 95 watts drive, his hybrid amp can deliver the full 1450W of clean RF with extremely low grid current.

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