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Membership Application - North Cars

To apply for a North Cars Membership Certificate please contact our Net Manager and provide the following information to [email protected]

Email address:



Please feel free to share anything you want to share with our general membership. Your North Cars certificate will be emailed to the email address that you provided in the 'Email' box so look for your certificate to arrive in your email inbox within one week. If you would rather receive our certificate via 'snail mail', contact K8RLM via email with your request.

NOTE: If you don't receive your NorCars Certificate in your Email inbox within one week, please check your Spam Filter or Junk Mail. Otherwise contact K8RLM, on the 'Contact us' page at www.qsl.net/NorCars website.

Thank you for joining NorCars we look forward to hearing you on one of our many nets!