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Photos from the Past

I was first licensed in 1966 as WN2YRD in Carteret, New Jersey. My shack was in the attic of our home at 38 Post Blvd. My first ham purchase was the Hammarlund HQ-110 (bought second hand from Ron Carpenter WN2WVA in Staten Island). I operated mostly 2 meter AM phone with the Gonset Communicator II, which was borrowed from the Carteret Civil Defense (CD). The antenna was a clip-on 19" whip. That appears to be a 2-element quad in the background, but I have no recollection of it.

By the time this photo was taken a few months later, I had picked up the Hallicrafters receiver and a military surplus transmitter, which I never was able to convert to ham use. During my time in New Jersey, I only had one QSO on HF.

This photo from 1965 shows my interest in radio even before I became a ham. That's a Remco Caravelle in my backyard clubhouse.

Immediately upon entering the shack of my cousin Vinny Kurdyla WN2SSA (later WB2YPW), I wanted to become a ham. Anyone able to identify the equipment in Vinny's shack? Sadly, Vinny became a silent key in 2003 at age 50.

My first ham club was the Carteret CD, in the basement of a municipal building. These are the guys who helped me get started. Left to toght: Nick Racsok WN2UDH, Don Tardiff WN2THN, and our leader, John Schlesier WA2HRR, who gave me the Novice test.

Nick (with microphone), Vinny, Don, and Zoltan "Zookie" Sisko W2KSC (sitting), who became angry when he realized I was getting my Novice ticket without really understanding radio theory. Anyone recognize the rig on the desk?

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